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10 original designs for a bottle of wine

Often speaking about the design of a wine bottle, implicit in the first registration of her design label. In fact - it is a set of elements, including the shape and dimensions of the bottle, capsule and koleretku, which should be in harmony with each other.

bottles for wine good design - it is not just its attractive and aesthetic appearance, but also practicality: bottle should be comfortable and pleasant to hold in your hand, stored and transported. Label size is required to be large enough, to accommodate all relevant information about the drink and its manufacturer. The capsule plays the role of reliably protecting tube against the penetration of moisture and other undesirable influences of external factors.

The combination of these simple and indisputable things and led to major design features of wine packaging, now classics. certainly, with the development of materials have been developed and created innovative technologies, the carriage of which is devoid of any difficulties, new methods of protection caps and deliver information about the product to the consumer, but classic design of wine bottles and it remains at the peak of demand to date.

wine bottle design


Despite, that there are no strict standards in the design of the bottle and the label itself, but still there are certain standards, which are used most often.

A common amount of wine packaging – 0,75l, that is the number of daily drink once considered the norm for human consumption.

As for the shape of bottles themselves, the classics are considered "Bourgogne", «Bardo», "Flute" and a bottle of champagne. It earned them a high rank, through a unique combination of practicality and attractiveness. All the classic shape of the bottle are resistant, ability to withstand the pressure of the fermenting beverage, and easy to carry.

Most picked the size of the label on a bottle of champagne - 120h82 mm, on a bottle of wine - 130h90mm. certainly, manufacturers are constantly experimenting with its settings, making the label more, then at, sometimes the same and completely dispense with it and deal information directly onto the glass surface of the container. the, a back label size, directly depends on the amount of information, which seeks to place on it the manufacturer.


Element, intended for closing the tube and the upper part of the neck, called capsule. The samples of the classic design of bottles it takes up to two-thirds of the total length of the neck, on those, whose design is more modern, considerably shorter capsule. There are certain patterns and colors used. For a classic characteristic of the noble colors, Bottle more daring and creative design - bright colors or, conversely, shade, merges with the bottle, to focus the consumer's attention on more important details.

wine bottle design


This term refers to a miniature label, which is pasted on the "shoulders" of the bottle, or to, where the extension of the neck begins. Parameters and shape koleretki Unclear. Many bottled it and not at all.

The manufacturer can also create it, both in the form of a compact logos, and unusual or rather large bezel, zoster bottle and attach directly to the foil. Such a decision can often contemplate on the bottles of champagne.

In some cases, koleretka capsule are one. This option is popular, because it gives the opportunity to optimize the process of pasting bottles, and at the same time looks good.

Color spectrum

wines, which is positioned as a manufacturer of those, that meet the highest standards, make out in a restrained style. This works well to underline with elegant fonts, drawings and photographs of vineyards and wine estates. The main colors are the quiet shades of blue, deep burgundy, as well as gold and silver. Amazing supplement acts the use of yellowish paper, simulating made old.

Ideally, wine bottle design High Quality, It combines with each other in color all elements: label, capsule, koleretku. Back label placed strictly behind the label.

Modern alternative to classic

For all that, that the classic design of wine bottles, certainly it looks flawless, it has one major drawback. he is, that products, not related to the known and the years confirming its own unmatched quality, It has all chances to remain absolutely unnoticed on the shelf. For this reason, many of the new winemakers, refuse from classics, causing consumer confidence, in favor of the original form of bottles, decorated nontrivial labels or other elements of the original design.

Some manufacturers to create their own corporate identity rely on the audience, especially young, which opted for bottles, far from the traditional. They were impressed by the design of the product, associated with non-standard, cheerfulness, great mood. Such wine bottles It looks impressive and creative, than attract attention and well remembered.

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