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10 the basic rules for the creation of corporate identity

Corporate style displays a visual representation of the company, which combines a set of graphic, color and compositional elements, stylistic solutions, fonts, as well as the information component, displaying the company strategy as a whole. Identity is used to create the entire corporate and marketing paraphernalia: from internal forms, business cards, envelopes, beydjikov, discount cards, to signage and outdoor advertising. Large companies also adhere to a single style, and in the interior offices, salesrooms, staff uniforms.

In fact, corporate identity is a creation of individual and well memorable image of the company, it offers products and services. This is achieved by a whole set of different visual techniques and solutions. image of the company, created by graphic designers, It has to be catchy, effective and non-trivial, to identify the company to quickly and clearly and to stand out among competitors. Indicator of quality logo speaks of his ability to inspire confidence, dispose of his potential partners and buyers, to form a positive reputation.

Development of corporate identity - a complex process, consisting of specific steps and requires compliance with certain rules. After all, to get a truly effective marketing tool you must correctly add up all the constituent units, and also to accurately calibrated proportions.


competent preparation

before, you begin to work on corporate style, you need to collect all the necessary information and to conduct analysis of the original data. It is crucial to understand and articulate features offered by products or services, based on the specifics of its activities, as well as to evaluate the currently existing situation and future prospects.

Binding rule is to identify potential competitors, allowing on the basis of the data to create an individual style, catching the total weight of.


Vision and Strategy

At this stage the task is to determine the direction, which will be crucial in shaping the image of the company. Important, to create a visual image of the company, It was based on an understanding of the psychology of your target audience and potential partners. In this way, going construction of the image-associative array: corporate identity - visual image - Association.


At the heart of any project is the idea. And certainly, Identity is not an exception to the rule. On the example of the successful and well-known companies can be sure, that successfully created a corporate identity can remain relevant and applicable for more than one decade. The same is true for a successful title company.

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visual solutions

By creating visual solutions involve certain brand color scheme, the main graphical objects, used fonts, on the basis of which the thumbnails will be created:

  • As for the color scheme, it is best to be guided by the rule, stating, that the maximum number of colors used may not exceed 3. It is extremely important to choose a harmonious combination of shades, accurately convey the company's message of. An example of many successful companies confirms - company color scheme can be easily recognized, because it promotes brand awareness in any space.
  • Graphical objects are developed individually for each project.
  • By fonts demands are, relating to their definition, understandability, readability in any scale.

Logo development

The central element of corporate style - certainly, logo. Therefore, it is the creation and laborious process responsibility. Signs perfectly crafted logo is, it instantly attracts attention, immediately remembered by the consumer and become the best marketing tool.

The task of the designer - design a logo, which does not lose its relevance in the future.

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stileobrazuyuschih schedule

on stage, when the logo and visual objects already created, comes the turn of the development of additional elements, design registration which is sustained in uniform corporate style – business and discount cards, forms, envelopes, brochures, calendars, catalogs. In addition to printing, often there is a need to develop samples of souvenir (Lunch, cups), outdoor advertising media… Availability and use of various elements of identity makes it possible to achieve the best results and improves the company presentable in the eyes of the target audience.

Brand book

Brand Guide - identification book, which contains all the components of corporate style. It is also the guide for the proper use and repetition of all the elements of branding in all kinds of products (polygraphy, advertisement, souvenirs). In brandbook collected the most important rules, ideas and examples of, Various methods of applying the logo.


Another rule to create a corporate identity, is the final stage of work on the Identity, acts concern for brand protection, its intellectual property. Such a move would avoid the risk of plagiarism of the company name, its visual image and slogan.


The process of developing the corporate identity is achieved in stages, wherein in the above-described strict sequence. The transition to each subsequent stage takes place only after full agreement on all the details of the previous, and if necessary,, after adjustments and improvement.

Corporate identity - one of the most fundamental and most powerful advertising tools of any modern company, as well as a key indicator of its image.

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