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10 Examples other than advertising booklets restaurants

In the modern world - the restaurant is no longer a place, where it is assumed to meet solely on the solemn occasion. The modern restaurant is a comfortable place, which is excellent for a brief business meeting, lunch during the working day, good cheer, parties, romantic dates.

Because of the immense popularity of this trend in business, Competition in this market is incredibly high: to retain old customers and attract new, it is not enough excellent cuisine and impeccable service. To maintain reputation, conservation and enhancement of a popular restaurant, it is important to develop competent marketing strategy to promote and use all promotional tools.

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booklet restaurant design

Outdoor advertising

Design of the facade and signage - equally important components of the image of catering, than, for example, menu of cafes and restaurants, wine list and impeccable service. Due to the smart design hotel manages to create a special atmosphere.

The facade is the original card, informing visitors about, what to expect after, they step over the threshold of the restaurant. Location institutions from the street can be successfully used to accommodate additional advertising. Contrasting with the surrounding landscape painting of the façade and accommodation noticeable banner will help to attract attention.

booklet restaurant design


The sign - the element of outdoor advertising, where you can not save. It is bound to be bright and memorable, and the text on it - visible and legible.


Showcases restaurants also serve advertising tool, which can and should be used.

For institutions of low and medium price segment is optimized variant of placing large format menu by using the banner or just painted cabinets.

High class restaurants should be equipped with large glass cases. In this case, a magnet for attracting new visitors will be luxuriously decorated hall, smartly dressed people and a festive atmosphere, reigning in.

internal advertising

One of the most effective tools for internal advertising performs printing products.

It includes:

  • booklets for restaurant;
  • leaflets;
  • brochures;
  • small;
  • restaurant menu;
  • Calendars and pr.

Business Cards, decorated in a corporate style restaurant, with contact information and location map places, – easy and affordable way to express yourself and to attract new visitors. Ideal place for the further spread of their business cards in hotels, beauty salons, travel agencies, etc..

Advertising leaflets

Promotional booklets restaurants give the greatest return, if you leave them in places, where customers have to spend time waiting for their turn.

The main requirements, to printing products gave rise to concern themselves, act:

  • compact format;
  • small size text blocks, not overloaded with information;
  • colorful glossy high quality photo.

Before printing prepared booklet template must be carefully subtract and make sure of the spelling of the name, address, contact phone, website, as well as the image location map.

"Chips" for the design of the booklet restaurant

The use of effective techniques in the development of printed products, is able to increase the influx of new visitors and increase the average check.

  1. Sold "face" of the cover

At first glance at leaflet restaurant, its front page - a person, should "cling". To this end, it is worth putting a large information about one sentence or shares, others are obliged to be considerably smaller. This approach will attract much more attention to the main action, Other proposals will also be read by, but in the 2nd and 3rd turn.

  1. Ease of finding contacts

Contact details (address, phone numbers, Web site, location map) best place on each page of the booklet, which will allow interested customers do not look for them.

  1. Color palette

It is not necessary to make out the basic background of the booklet in black or other dark colors. It can be read in the transport, indoors with poor lighting, which will create some difficulties. Besides, on a white background color photos of food look much cleaner and more appetizing.


Appearance Menu Cafe and Restaurant - very important, therefore, the development of its template should be taken very seriously, and above all, to decide on its type.

  1. text version of

In this embodiment, all positions, proposed establishment, have a text description. If there are illustrations or photos, they do not refer to specific dishes, and to the menus. Such decisions, usually, give preference to a cafe or restaurant, whose position in the menu change often enough, there are seasonal or special offers such an approach dictated by the positioning of the institution.

  1. combined option

Such a solution presupposes the existence of only a few photos of the dishes presented in the list, other positions prescribed text. Photos provided with the most profitable or most popular dishes. This approach makes it possible to reduce the number of pages, because customers do not always like too bulky and heavy menu, which is difficult to navigate.

  1. Menu with pictures of dishes

In this embodiment, the menu presented each dish has its own original photos. Him, usually, using places, kitchen which is not usual for visitors: Thai, Indian, Mexican, Japanese… This approach is very useful, When the title and food components is difficult to understand, that it represents. Besides, we must not forget, that the rule of "Customer chooses eyes" works in all 100%.