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25 tips for creating brochures, which sells

Various marketing tools, used by modern companies to expand the scope of influence on the market, – an integral part of business space. Despite the high popularity of online publications, printed brochures do not lose their relevance and continue to occupy a position quite successful advertising tool. The compact format makes the pamphlet printed products maneuverable and easy to spread among the target audience. well-written, it is able to effectively deliver the message to the interests of the market or directly to a prospective client.

Externally, promotional brochure resembles a small paperback book, although with a modern twist, it can be a multi-page edition. The main function of the brochure is to inform about the company posts, goods / services offered by a target audience it. Brochures were distributed to targeted trade shows, stands in offices, sometimes mailed .

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What is different from the brochure booklet?

The main difference is that, that a booklet is created on the basis of a single sheet of paper (usually, A4), after which it is folded in different ways. Concerning, the amount of free space for advertising text and graphics, very limited. In this way, the text of the booklet is fed in the shortest and informative format.

Brochure, in this plan, much more democratic, there is much more room to place text, that allows free presentation, conducting dialogue with the reader, and the inclusion of selling points.

Characteristics brochures (format, materials, etc.)

In some areas of the brochure is the main marketing tool, which is why it is very important to create an original design of the brochure, which will provide the company among competitors, guaranteed will carry a message to the client and help him interested.

The most important characteristics are the brochures:

  • convenient format

brochure size may be a standard or specially designed, its pages can be stapled, glue, or metal spring clip.

  • attractive cover

Cover design is of paramount importance, since it is its form and contained in the information it needs to motivate people and encourage them to look inside. Otherwise, all work on the development of design and printing will not matter.

  • informative text, served in a simple and accessible format

Even the best design will not save, if the text, filed in the brochure, It is not structured and is filed in an accessible and understandable form. Before his writing, should think, What are some common questions customers may ask and answer them in plain language.

  • The original design

Quality of design is able to design brochures, how to attract customers, and push and allow to doubt your professionalism. therefore, It will not be an exaggeration to say, that good design is vital for the company.

  • quality illustrations, Photo.

Photo, presented in the brochure should be of high quality, in any case not blurred. Should avoid common drain pictures, that will make a brochure boring and invisible, made efforts, to pick up the original images.

  • The right choice of paper

Choose papers for printing is as important, than attractive design brochures. solving, which give preference to: satin, mat, gloss or silk, you must start from the target market and the information contained in the catalog. Pleasant to the touch paper not only brings external originality, but it will also include a tactile perception of the consumer, increasing the value of your brand.

brochure design

Main advantages and functions

  • First of all, Booklet - a kind of calling card company, through which you can make the desired impression, demonstrate the strengths and broadcast key messages. Leave it for review during a meeting with potential partners or clients, much more professional, than to ask to come to your website.
  • Another brochure function - non-stop tool for notification of the target audience of the company.
  • potential audience, brochure perceived, as confirmation of the status of the company. The opinion is based on the, that if an organization invests in the power and finances high-quality print products, its plans for the development and promotion of long-term market, which adds solidity.
  • The most important function of the brochure speaks of its ability to personalize the relationship between the company and the customer.

As the brochure design affects sales?

A key goal of creating a brochure - to attract interest in the company's prospects and further sales growth. In order to successfully achieve it extremely important effective design, prompting audience enter into communication with the brand. Applying tips for creating a brochure from professional marketers, taking into account the psychology of the consumer, expectations and a lot of other factors, companies manage at times to increase sales.

Rules of registration brochure

How to make the perfect brochure in terms of marketing? Such, to arouse interest, to awaken the desire to learn about the company more and inspire action?

Responsible for the implementation of the first two objectives is to design. After all, if the client will not have the desire to read the brochure, even the best content won't help. 80% people perceive visual information, subconsciously reacting to all bright and unusual.

Below we describe the rules of making brochures, which "sells".

  • Strive for simplicity. The best design of brochures - one, which does not overload with unnecessary details, abundance of flowers or difficult to understand graphs. Conciseness - it professionally and not corny.
  • yields polьzu. If a customer sees the solution to their problems in buying your product - this is the best incentive for action. The cover should make information, which is able to "hook" for 5 seconds - so much time is spent on the examination and decision-making.
  • Create route. Easy navigation, clear structure, bulleted lists - all this makes it easier to work with the brochure and help you find the right information.
  • Experiment with formats. The unusual format of the brochure - one of the fastest ways to attract the attention of customers. However, do not forget about comfort, a person should be comfortable to read it and to carry. Folding a concertina brochure - an example of the perfect combination of convenience and non-triviality. she compact, but expanding it, you can see all the contents of the entire.
  • Impressive form pages. Many companies are moving away from the standard square pages, in favor of forms, associated with the products they offer. In the case of a manufacturer of ecological cosmetics, it can be a form of leaf, and for the company, selling car tires, – round, resembling a bus.
  • Attention to detail. Development of design of the brochure does not necessarily require any radical changes in the common format and form pages. A stunning effect can be achieved, thanks to the fine detail. For example, round out the pages and using soft muted colors, It is able to make sense of warmth and comfort, instinctively likable.
  • Brevity is the soul of wit. Do not forget, the brochure, – not a book, it does not need to try to explain everything about myself, it is important to highlight the crucial and useful for the target audience thought. Properly applying the rules booklet layout, It is able to achieve a concise and structured publishing - business card, which are located to him and the company will add credibility.
  • Corresponding to the new image! Deciding to order brochure printing, it is important to understand to what type of paper, it will be most advantageous to look for a specific target audience. Since the high-density coated paper will strengthen the feeling of solidity, the use of design materials will point to follow fashion trends, Paper recycling will report on the social responsibility of the company.


Attractive design brochures – not selfish at all. After all, the best result since its view is not wow-effect, and the creation of Lida or sales growth by attracting new customers. Beautiful cover - a tool for attracting attention, to encourage interest in the site, or a personal appeal to the organization. To make things easier, and to push for action, in the brochure be sure to specify the web address or profiles in social networks.