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3D models Print

3D printing - is not uncommon, and, possibly, Many have heard of available 3D to a wider audience- printers. However, for the most part they are still inaccessible due to its high cost and the lack of high-quality consumables. Similarly, hard to find and specialists, who can prepare high-quality 3D-модель для печати.

What is a 3D-model for print

A 3D printer you can easily print any volumetric object with a high degree of detail on individual parameters. In the development of a product is used complex modeling 3D, and not everyone, even experienced PC user, be able to design an object of interest to him on his home computer.

Even if this printer is able to acquire, and get a rare quality and expensive components therefor, print literally "all, everything "will not work, First of all, due to technical limitations of the machine itself, Secondly, из-за сложности трехмерного моделирования: каждая модель разрабатывается индивидуально с учетом размера, формы и свойств материала. That is why, so as not to waste time, not to spoil materials, should perform 3D-simulation to order.

3D models Print


What do we offer

Advertising agency "Insight" offers its services in 3D-modeling to create exact copies of the volume of real-life objects with the use of paper, polymers, high-strength plastic, metal products. All our work is connected with the most advanced to date, form printing and sophisticated imported equipment.

To design the layout is required not only to know and to imagine the future object, but also be able to work with complicated software. Our specialists have the necessary skills, поэтому смогут воплотить ваши пожелания в жизнь. Find out the cost of project development in St. Petersburg.

How we are working

Contact - we will be able to design a 3D-model for any object, as really existing, and that, you only want to create. You can turn to us for study of rare and even unique items, which are created in a single copy: unique gift for your loved, missing part, часть корпуса и т.д. Besides, three-dimensional design capabilities make it possible to prepare the layout and visualization of any object, eg – future house or kitchen units.

If necessary,, we will be able to make changes to existing models, resize and add designs and color.


3D models Print


3D моделирование: price

3D моделирование требует длительной кропотливой работы, and the price depends on the complexity. At work the cost impact:

  • the size of the simulated object;
  • its detail;
  • deep volume and complexity, etc..

The term of execution of the order may vary from a few hours to a few days: it all depends on the complexity of the object. To better learn about the cost and work time, call or leave a request on the website. Our experts will advise you on any questions and help you place your order.

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