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5 Martini bottle designs

Martini - elite drink, which is associated in most people with "sweet life" and luxury. He - a constant adornment chic parties and cheerful feasts. However, every year the martini has become increasingly popular in a wide range of consumer, ceasing to be a drink only for the elite.

it is used, both in pure form, and as a component of various cocktails, vermouth sometimes diluted with water or juice. option martini, diluted with water, It is considered a classic. It is not accepted to use for food, right "company" is considered a combination with light snacks. The optimum temperature of the beverage, when filing - 10-15 degrees Celsius, which provides the most complete perception of its taste.

Martini bottle design


Few people know, that the ancestor of this wonderful drink stands none other, himself "father of medicine" – Hippocrates. The famous doctor of antiquity ordered people, suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, moderate consumption of wine aged Cretan, which consisted of wormwood and anise flowers. Such treatment has a bracing effect on the patient's body, and relieves stress.

As a part of the modern drink, there are about thirty-five species of herbs and plants, and the roots and seeds are used in the manufacture of, flowers and leaves. Sagebrush – martini unchanging ingredient, who gives it the same with nothing incomparable taste, highly valued by true lovers of this delicious alcohol.


Nowadays vermouth prepared according to various recipes, adding to it more and more components, that allows you to experiment with taste and delight gourmets. In this way, the stores represented martini range to suit all tastes!

Martini bottle design

Martini bottle design

The key point in the design registration vermouth protrudes development shape and size of bottles. For this luxury drink bottle used, capacity in 0,5 and 1 l, made of high-quality transparent glass, without sinevatogo or zelenovatogo tide.

With regard to its form, it is characterized by "high growth", elegance and excellent ergonomic performance. Bottle with vermouth comfortable to hold, stored and transported, it stands steadily on a flat surface.


Hallmark of martini, as well as any other alcoholic beverage, a label. That it gives the product a finished look, creates harmony and tells the audience the necessary information about him.

Design martini labels in modern interpretation uses, usually, clean, bright hues, their background is well defined and differentiate the company logo, Presenting a modern writing. Characteristic of vermouth color scheme for the logo – combination of red, white and blue.


Important components of the package is a bottle of vermouth its proprietary screw cap. In embodiments, the full length (volume of 1 liter) also has a dispenser, allowing just pour a few drops of the drink.

cover design laconic and эleganten, It fits perfectly into the overall composition. It is made from a high quality metal. Color caps may be different, depending on the varieties of vermouth.

Bottle with classical grade white cover sealed martini, dry - green, etc..

In developing the design of the bottle of vermouth, and each of the elements (label, logo, cap) should follow the traditional canons, that, as does an exceptional taste of the drink, so highly regarded by his admirers.

The cost of the layout design, concept, sketch in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Creating a project in St. Petersburg.

price: from 20 000p. time: from 7 days

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