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5 examples of excellent design of the exhibition stand

A key point of communication with the potential client within the exhibition hall stands booth. At its decoration is necessary to solve two basic problems:

  • convey basic information about the displayed product or service to visitors;
  • make your exhibition stand "talk" to each accessible and understandable language.

Do not make visitors wonder about, exactly what you imagine.

Design exhibition stand

Maximum clarity

certainly, logo and company name are required to be present at the stand, but this is not enough. Do not count on it, that the direction of your work is so obvious or known, that everybody knows about it, therefore it is necessary to clearly define the profile of services or products.

An approach, customer-oriented

According to statistical data, the vast majority of people, attending various exhibitions, do this in order to compare the proposals of the same type. For this reason it is very important to demonstrate to potential customers, what is your competitive advantage:

  • How for your products / services are able to help in solving various types of tasks or in business development?
  • How customers will be able to save their own resources, time and money, taking advantage of your offer?

Based answers to these questions will contribute to the choice of the name of your product! Talk to the audience in the "language of profit"!

Design exhibition stand

Optimum reception of information from any distance

Proper exhibition stand design, is obliged to take into account the, that customers perceive your site from three angles: the far, medium and short range. Be sure to take into account the visibility of the stand and determine the readability of the text with a different distance from him.

The optimal solution - to place the text blocks at different heights, that regardless of the direction of its movement Visitors saw the advertising message, and as a consequence, exposed to advertising.

The width of the passages between the stands and the depth of the bench - options, which must also be considered. In the process of deciding on the height of the text at the location of close and average examination, It should focus on the eye level.

As for the font size, the ideal formula is as follows: letters not less than 1 cm for each meter distance, which is supposed to read the text.

The key message for 3 seconds

Usually, visitors move through the exhibition hall rather quickly, so the decision to visit a particular stand is taken a few seconds

If a booth It works on all 100%, to the 3 second visitor must:

  • note stand;
  • understand which product is offered, its advantages, and benefit, he will receive, becoming the buyer;
  • focus on the title and logo of the brand or company, which is represented by a stand.

The simplicity of the words

Stand design in the exhibition hall It must be taken into account and the general atmosphere in the hall. More often, it is full of distracting and annoying moments, in other words, the perception of the channels are overloaded, and customers get tired quickly. That is why they instinctively seek to something accessible and understandable.

Creating text context, should strive to use simple words, abandoning complex lexical structures, abbreviations, abbreviations, unpronounceable terms.

Asceticism in visual objects

The most common mistake in the design of the exhibition stand is believed, that the presence of even a small space in the advertising medium, it must be filled graphics or text.

In fact, amount of information, who is able to overpower the man and understand him for a short period of time, fixed, so the spray does not focus on the main ideas you should not.

  • All text and picture messages are required to meet three main criteria: pithiness,
  • concreteness,
  • for the benefit of the client.

An effective way of presenting information is interrogative structure. She always attracts attention, and a short response marketing describes the product, accurately highlighting its main advantage.

The issue price

One of the most frequently occurring dilemmas in the process of formulation of exhibition stands, As for, Is the cost point of the offered goods or services?

Correct answer: Yes, necessarily!

The fundamental principles of merchandising stipulate: product, the price of which is not defined, is perceived by customers as an expensive. And vice versa, when the value is clearly indicated, company or brand, as it shows, she has nothing to hide. And openness, as known, creates customer trust.

Solidity in Detail

Before the opening of the stand, you must first make sure that, that all necessary further signs and inscriptions have been prepared in advance. Indeed, handwritten on sheets of A4 ad, "Do not take pictures", "The samples are not for sale" and the like, glued hastily tape can spoil the impression from the most expensive stand.

Avoid glare

Design exhibition stand better designed so, to be used in the design of matt surfaces. Such a move will prevent that, because of the light bulbs perception of the text messages will be difficult, as it happens in the gloss.

Taboo prohibitions

Ideally, you should completely abandon any inscriptions, containing prohibiting Promise ("Not to touch", "Only for the staff"). Most of the visitors of the exhibition hall experience some tension and constantly make decisions, go to such and such a stand or not. therefore, stands, "Screaming" about the restrictions, location does not win.

And vice versa, used very effectively allow calls and messages, as well as a direct appeal to the target audience. In short, welcome all, that tells about your predisposition to visitors.

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