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Trends in logo design

company logo - it's not just her face, but also a kind of symbol of the time, when it was created. That is why, the development of stylish, informative and relevant logos without consideration of current trends, - the task almost impossible.

Task, which stands today in front of graphic designers, It is not limited to the development of a beautiful and attracts the attention of the product. It is important to understand the good and correct a variety of contexts, in which the future logo will be applied. It is not a complete list of media companies today looks pretty impressive: small, advertisements, external signs, brochures, package, souvenirs…

AT 2018 year there is increasing attention to the context by professional designers. At the peak of the popularity of many techniques, used to develop the logo design. Below are the most promising ones, whose effectiveness and originality successfully demonstrated the world-known brands and companies, use them to create their own company logo.

Logo Almas sea delicacies

to simplify the course

Due to the rapid advancement of IT and the relevance of cross-platform and one of the main trends in graphic design are the trend, associated with a simplified form, minimizing the number of used colors and the rejection of all superfluous details. One of the most important requirements for the logo acts as the, that it should be equally good and harmonious look in any media: business cards, corporate website, application on the mobile device… That is why, a variety of well-known companies and brands has been rebranding logos towards simplification.

Maximum readability

Another popular trend today, widely used for creating logos, performs text using the font excellent readability in combination with simple geometric figures.

The development of this type repeatedly proven the effectiveness of its own on the example of many well-known companies around the world, choose them.

As practice shows, presence of simple graphical elements attached to the entire structural integrity and harmony.

Proper insertion lines, points and other simple shapes makes it possible to obtain a variety of original effects, which is beneficial to allocate logo.

Logo PROPANE service groups

literal construction

trends, It gained popularity in the past year and not surrendering its positions in this, advocates the so-called «Letter stacking». The essence of technology is, to form text, of which the logo in compact columns. This design focuses the viewer's attention and especially advantageous to look at the use of bright contrasting colors.


Harping heraldic concerns in logo design is not new, but its relevance is not lost. This approach is indispensable to create a logo or emblem printing, wherein the planned use of graphical items and shades, stylized retro. design solutions, designed in a similar style, capable of transmitting the special atmosphere of antiquity and ancient traditions.


Very popular in 2018 year are logos, in the design of which there are broad parallel lines, if cutting through the icon. The success of this technique is due to the, that slots make the logo more air and do not overload it. Besides, then there is a reference to another mega-demand technology – negative space. Free area or of its intersection generate visual illusions, attract additional attention to the logo.

Another undoubted advantage of this technique - a chance to make a realistic 3D effect.

Logo design for the store Pro Comics comics

negative space

Represent this popular trend is not necessary, because the technique of negative space is a leader for more than a year. What has changed in 2018 year, so it's more active emergence of latent image in a text component logo. To date, the area for the design of experiments, and the addition of negative space steel letters themselves and their intersection.

Experiments with fonts

Because of the high prevalence of text logos, in addition to the above techniques outlined its development, more and more you can watch the most incredible experiment with fonts. This kerning, and the alignment of characters, and various indents… However, the main "victims" of design of experiments was the combination of different fonts.

Color transitions and gradients

It is very rich in a variety of visual effects stands a method for creating a graphical logo using gradients and transitions from one color to another. Such transitions are widely used in icon, and directly in the text logo, especially in the case, when it is made bulky type.

Another variation of this technique creative inclusion protrudes bright saturated colors, overlapping one another. As a result, it is possible to get a new shade, which will emphasize and strengthen the originality of the logo, and make it more personal and memorable. This approach has been successfully used by a variety of renowned companies in the process of rebranding.

Ratata font


This trend is widely used in the design of logos for certain sectors. It looks great in a graphical layout of confectionery, pekaren, Cafe, barbeşopov, photographers etc.


2018 year, undoubtedly, give the world a lot of interesting new trends in the development of logo design. We are waiting for a creative look at fonts, ingenious simplification of forms, sophisticated color combinations and designs visual.

Long live the variety of non-standard solutions, which we are sure will delight designers this year!

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