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Top brilliant examples of outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising or «outdoor» (translated from the English "at the door") - it is one of the most popular types of brand promotion or product. The value of this type of advertising is, that it can attract the attention of a truly large audience, and thus can help to achieve the most effective results in the task. A primary goal, facing one or another marketing tool, – attracting the attention of an increasing number of viewers, relating to the target audience, and eventually – increase in the number of sales.

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How to achieve high efficiency of outdoor advertising?

Currently surprise consumers usually a sign or poster is impossible, these attributes become part of familiar surroundings and already can not cope with its function. This requires a creative outdoor advertising, the creation of which approached creatively. Equally important is the fact, Place where it specifically. How to determine the best locations for outdoor advertising, to eliminate the possibility that go unnoticed to the target audience?

For example, billboards and banners, hung along the country roads, completely ineffective, as drivers and passengers, passing by at high speed, cars do not have time to get to the core of the advertising appeal. Another thing, crowded areas: busy intersection, equipped with pedestrian crossings, traffic lights, sidewalks, etc..

Social advertising against corruption St. Petersburg 2013


Excellent "cling" view of advertising panels with dynamic image, They can be either electronic, and mechanical, which consist of a thin, rotating plates.


Huge potential carries the bulk of outdoor advertising. There are many solutions. For example, oversized, presented in raw form, Promoted product layout. Such elements may be arranged along the road, on specially designated pedestals near the point of sale, or protruding elements of external decoration of the building.



Graffiti - an integral part of modern youth culture. So why not use this technique in order to attract its target audience?

Building's facade, designed by the artist in a similar style, It will look very impressive and unusual, standing out among the surrounding buildings. In that case, if permission for facade painting can not be obtained, the perfect solution would be an artificial wall, simulating real, it will be applied graffiti.

Effective outdoor advertising has the following qualities:

  • It is located in a clearly visible place and attracts attention;
  • the ability to perceive the potential audience for a minimum period of time;
  • perfectly remembered;
  • It provides a high frequency of hits.

In deciding in favor of one or another type of outdoor advertising, it must be remembered, that its performance directly affects its attractiveness and creative design.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of outdoor advertising are the highly productive:

  • reach the largest possible audience;
  • diversity of existing advertising structures.
  • long service life;
  • reasonable cost.

You can not ignore the possibility of, which has worldwide “web”.

unusual, "Catchy" view of outdoor advertising is able to find viewers, and in the future customers not only in the place, where it is physically located, but also anywhere in the world, getting into social networks. At the expense of "likes" and republications photos, the audience is able to increase at times!


  • transmission of a strictly limited amount of information;
  • inability to implement short-term advertising PR actions;
  • long-term;
  • attention of passers-by of the advertising paintings;
  • the impact on the audience in a confined space.

Social advertising theme "antipropoganda smoking

quality, distinguish truly effective outdoor advertising:

  1. Novelty

To external advertising structure "worked" at all 100%, it is obliged to provide original and tailored to suit the ever-changing wishes and preferences of the target audience. It is necessary to bet on the option, which is different from the techniques and methods of supplying information,, used by competitors.

It should be noted, that effective outdoor advertising is not only the, Favorite music and calls approval, but th, which provokes debate and stimulate discussion.

However, striving for creativity, we must not forget, that only the advertisement is stored and remains in the viewer's memory for a long time, the meaning and promise which was originally understood it.

  1. informational content

Failure is a type name or type of outdoor advertising, who are unable to clearly inform the audience about the sphere of its activity, range of products and services offered. Important, to a potential customer to get maximum information about the brand, and thus was able to stand out from others.

  1. Clarity and readability

By experimenting with fonts and various design techniques in the development of outdoor advertising, We need to remember, what, first of all, it should be clear, clear and easily understood. Otherwise, use will not be able to get from it, because the only purpose of advertising - report specific information to the target audience.


When creating outdoor advertising concept, you need to be aware of its main difference from all other promotion tools. They need a perception of advertising on the move, while driving. That is at the disposal of the viewer there are only a couple of seconds, to understand the message and remember it. And the problem of effective outdoor advertising in favor of the ability of a strictly limited period of time to be able to arouse the interest of the viewer. therefore, such methods, as a pun, the use of ambiguous phrases, intricate designs and fonts, misplaced in outdoor advertising. In just a few seconds of contact with the audience of advertising designs, he just physically do not have enough time to solving the puzzle.

The cost of the layout design, concept, sketch in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Creating a project in St. Petersburg.

price: from 20 000p. time: from 5 days

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