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audio advertisement

Price and terms of creating an audio ad: by 15000r., from 5 days.

Prohulyvayas to store, people could not help listening to the audio ads. It unobtrusively about something tells. It creates a common background. If it was not - I would have had to listen to the creaking of shopping carts, surrounding hubbub and noise.

Audio advertising should cause positive emotions, include associative perception, create the desire to make a purchase of the advertised product or service. Therefore, it must create competent professionals, with the knowledge of psychology, marketing, and advertising.

The advertising agency INSIGHT you can order high-quality audio ads. We will make it interesting, unusual, and most importantly - effective. Our advertising will not only sound, it will sell. Yet remain unobtrusive and pleasant.

Audio ads may not work:

  • on the radio,
  • exhibitions,
  • in stores and shopping malls,
  • on the street, especially in markets,
  • in public transport,
  • venue promotions, presentations.

Create audio advertising involves the following steps and rules:

– necessary to study the customer's company, its benefits and features compared to competitors, Analysis of the target audience - young people or the elderly, active or passive, male or female. All this is of great importance when creating audio advertising;

– when approaching any significant holiday, Audio ads may be confined to it;

-it is important to choose the right voice narration - a pleasant and non-irritating;

– Text messages - should be short enough, but capacious, the most informative.

– music should be suitable, causing positive emotions.

The price of audio advertising depends on many factors - the complexity of the order, the degree of development, features. The value is calculated in each case individually.

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