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Car Branding

Car Branding

Pasting transport, Aircraft, train, Lorry, gazelle, cars, ship, boats in the corporate identity. The cost of development of St. Petersburg. Creating a project in St. Petersburg.

price: from 15 000p. time: from 5 days

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Car Branding

Car Branding - it is an important stage of the marketing campaign. branded cars, who travel around the city, make visible and recognizable logo of your company, informed of its activities, as well as attract the attention of potential or target audience. Car design in this case it represents the creation of the advertising image, which is printed on self-adhesive film (a polymer or monomer), and then applied to the desired part of the car.

The "Insight" agency you can always order a car branding: We are working not only to passenger, but also lorries, buses and any other means of transport. For us nothing is impossible! Whatever branding you a needed, we can guarantee results, which will exceed your expectations!

Why you need branding?

Order development of branding car You can always be in the company of "Insight": We guarantee the availability of the cost of services, and the effectiveness and originality of this type of outdoor advertising. It should be noted, what Car branding It has several main features and advantages:

  • savings on advertising (This type of advertising is much more accessible and cheaper, than, eg, order the temporary accommodation of a banner or billboard);
  • dynamic media (ie moving car) It attracts much more attention, than traditional outdoor advertising - this leads to an increase in the number of clients, which is easier to learn about your company's activities;
  • increase brand awareness;
  • creating a positive image of the company (car branding It allows us to understand customers, that the company has its own fleet, not rented - it shows the high status of the company, its significant potential);
  • duration of advertising media service (the average replacement is needed only after the film 5-7 years after, it has been applied).

Pasting machine

How we are working

Our work includes several stages. We are engaged not only the creation of the film layout, intended for branding car (during layout we first study the market, TK coordinate and represent several layout options, in the best of which we are making the necessary adjustments), but also produce themselves media advertising. If necessary, you can also order and applying the film on the surface of the car.

Extensive experience of our company, professional team make it possible to create the most effective outdoor advertising. Branded cars will attract attention and help to accelerate the development of your business, increase the number of sales.

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