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A check-list for Naming. Incremental algorithm development titles

Development of naming - a complex process, consisting of a series of stages, each of which requires maximum concentration and understanding. the, how well and accurately will be picked up for a brand name, a direct impact on his future success and demand, and consumers!

  1. we analyze the market

Preparatory stage of development The name of conducting market research. It includes:

  • study of the characteristics and current trends of the modern market;
  • an overview of the competitive companies, their activity analysis;
  • identification of direct competitors and the leader in this field, their business policy research;
  • evaluation of competing companies names, definition of the naming methods used;
  • determining a target segment of consumers, in which a product or service-oriented, and making the potential buyer portrait;
  • expectations of study, tastes and preferences of their audience, her behavior and frequently used vocabulary analysis.

naming aspects

  1. Make up brand characteristics

The main objective, standing on this stage,, preparation of acts full of descriptive characteristics of the brand, based on the potential benefit to the consumer. This is done on the basis of previously obtained results of marketing research, and after studying the potential buyer needs.

Drafted brand characteristic may be considered complete, next provided content information deployed:

  • mission of the brand and its brand value;
  • description of the main advantages over analog promoted product samples, offered by competitors;
  • a detailed answer to the question: what is the unique selling proposition;
  • ideas for the company positioning in the market;
  • in the presence of the legend brand, it necessarily should be included.

Important! In the process of drawing up specifications must be very responsible approach to the choice of words: they must be as accurate as possible, and clearly describe the qualities and characteristics of the promoted product. Competent lexicon in the future be useful to compile associative series, that is part of the naming process.

tool, successfully used to create high-quality and detailed description of the brand, a SWOT-analysis – one of the most effective techniques of strategic planning. It helps to identify the primary internal and external factors, strong and weak aspects of the brand, as well as discover opportunities and risks for the company in the course of its business activities.

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Generating ideas

At this stage it is necessary to form the main idea of ​​the brand – namely through its successful product names and will need to convey to the target audience. The idea determines, what emotions, thoughts and promises of the title will be broadcast to a potential buyer.

certainly, the generation of ideas is necessary to be creative, show imagination and creativity, However, There have proven the effectiveness of its own "working" techniques, able to simplify the process.

  1. Brainstorm. This event involves teamwork, where each of the participants offer their own ideas, and all the others discuss their, improve or criticize. The final stage of the debate - summary and analysis of the options.
  2. Creating a mental map. This technique is based on the approval, that creative thinking and human memory are inextricably linked. In order to generate ideas proposed on paper, in its central part, write keyword (notion), apart from which recorded various associations and any associated points. The result is a diagram, like a map, which greatly facilitates the further search of the ideal solutions.
  3. Synectics - in fact the opposite of brainstorming. Here the main problem appears not find as many alternatives, and the generation of a small number of them (even one) to resolve this problem. To do this, select the object and Fundamental drawn matrix with the transfer found any related analogies, both direct, and indirect. In conclusion, a comparison is made of all the elements – central object, selected analogies and the main purpose of the process.
  4. Method of focal objects (MFI) - union in one piece of the characteristics of random, unrelated objects.


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Development versions of the name

The main stage of naming. At this stage, the formation of a list of all possible options for the company / brand name. After that, as a list drawn up, It begins the selection options. For this purpose, a focus group is formed, each participant which will express their opinion with respect to each of the proposed options for discussion. There is no single principle, at which the focus group is formed.

analytical analysis

This stage represents a series of various examinations, in order to select the most promising alternatives for the title:

  • Phonetic - as a potential name is easy to pronounce, as it sounds, whether there is a floating accent.
  • Writing - testing on the subject of, how aesthetic appearance of his writing, evaluated for the convenience and practicality of placing on the forms, envelopes, business cards and any promotional materials. Study readability level in different embodiments.
  • Properly designed name does not exactly call the proposed facility, but the obligation to keep the association, which clearly and unequivocally associated with this product.
  • Semantics. This method is directed to a detailed study of all the semantic fields, which are associated with the name. Of these, those excluded, that can cause a consumer negative emotions or negative associations.
  • The test for ease and speed of remembering the name of the target audience.

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