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What to consider when creating a corporate website?

Integrated development of the corporate website – effective solution, able to create a multifunctional web-based tool for a multitude of business tasks. High-quality corporate resource equipped with quality content, different to choose the right design (taking into account the company's image), thereby enhancing the company's reputation, achieve real business results – sales growth, as well as the competitive advantage for a short time, without additional financial investments.

What is the corporate website?

Corporate website – a complete presentation of the company on the Internet. thanks to him, unable to solve many diverse tasks:

  • reveal the strengths of the company, products / services offered by it, thereby contributing to the development of business;
  • attract new customers / partners or strengthen existing cooperation;
  • constitute a means for round the clock communication with customers and partners, assume the role of file storage;
  • depending on the direction of your goals, this resource can help effectively in the development of new niche or expand their geography.

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To solve some tasks need a corporate website?

It is important to understand, sales growth – not the main reason for the development of the corporate website, although, he, in large measure, influences purchasing decisions. A key goal – competent construction of communication with the target audience.

Depending on the focus of the organization, its corporate web site is used for:

  • ensure continued public access to information about the company, its activities and products, thereby increasing company awareness among the target audience;
  • creating an automated mechanism for receiving customer orders and their further processing;
  • conducting surveys of interest to the target audience;
  • implementation of marketing strategies;
  • organizing mailings;
  • increase customer base and entering new markets.

That must be present on the corporate website? Types of corporate resources

to corporate site requirements defined goals and objectives, set before him. Depending on this,, formed a variety of types:

  • Corporate business card site

A great option for newly created and has already defined its Central Asian companies. This site, consisting of one to three pages, containing a summary of the company, Contact details, feedback. In some cases, they published information about the services offered, downloading function is provided either current price list.

Corporate websites, business cards have the ability to expand over time by adding new pages, sections, and functions, that show users synchronized resource development and the firm

  • Site directory

Web resource of this type is characterized by a significant amount, it combined multiple tasks: acts of representation on the Internet, It allows you to sell goods or convert a site visitor into a prospective client.

Steep corporate websites directories contained on the pages detailed information about our products and services, and equipped with a function to contact the company manager.

  • Infoportal

Tasks of this type of corporate site, as the name implies, – They have nothing to do with commerce and sales. Such resources are training or familiarization character, and the purpose of their development can act creating communities, united by a common theme or a range of interests. Examples are the Infoportal news resources, training sites, training.

website creation

Steps for Creating a corporate website

  1. Analytics. it includes: a clear statement of objectives, definition CA, identify competitors, formulation of its competitive advantages.
  2. Drafting TOR: structured, as detailed a description of the planned work and design features.
  3. Development of the structure: accommodation units according to the approved layout for typesetting.
  4. design. The exterior of the utmost importance for corporate sites, since it is based on the visual component of the first impression visitors about the company. Most often, the graphical version is being developed for the home page, in view of the, it requires a more careful approach, than the rest.
  5. makeup. Competent transfer in HTML-code on the basis of the approved design ensures the same look and a functional layout in all popular browsers, providing an adaptive design for screens of different resolutions.
  6. The implementation of the server side: development or adaptation of CMS, amendments to the code, connection, adjustment, and, if necessary,, Development required modules, Integration Management System.
  7. The introduction of server-side: the product of the server configuration and database systems, providing secure backup system.
  8. content. If the terms of the contract, all the necessary content (texts, photos, illustrations) It provides customer, he should prepare his timely.
  9. Proper placement of content. For convenience and ease of reading, the text is divided into compact units, and pictures and animations have so, so they do not interfere with the reading.
  10. SEO-optimization.
  11. hosting setup: Site testing and evaluation of its stability under load, identify and correct errors made in the source code, if necessary – layout correction.

What factors should be taken into account during the creation of the corporate website?

The quality of the corporate website directly affects the company's image. To advantageous to present the company and, simultaneously, to provide the convenience of visitors, must, to the development of this resource used most advanced approaches saytostroeniya, well-designed usability, the passage of severe beta.

Below, we consider the most important factors, which determine the effectiveness of the corporate website.


The structure of the corporate website – Kostyak, with the construction of which will start to develop any web property. Following the concept of usability is necessary to strive for, resource structure to represent a logical chain of the sections thus, to each visitor easily find the information. Well-built structure affects the rate of resource indexing by search engines, which contributes to its further advancement. It is also important to follow the concept of the expected script behavior visitor, provide him with the most simple and convenient way to carry out the conversion.


Professionally Decorated corporate site is of paramount importance. Ideally it should be stylish, memorable, match activities and the target audience of the company.

More often, Creating a corporate website design in terms of its design is based on the company style. If there is no such, the development of design are repelled from the current trends in web design, opt for these color combinations, which will emphasize the strengths of the company and cause pleasant associations in Central Asia.


Corporate websites of large companies, in practice, demonstrate how extensive list of diverse tasks can be solved with the help of, if the resource provides the corresponding functionality. Thought out functionality in the initial stage of development, in terms of its maximum user-friendliness, partners, the company's employees.


The most important resource-efficient operation it performs high speed download. To achieve a figure to be taken all the technical measures for the optimization of components, affecting this parameter.


The presence of adaptive layout – indicator of good modern site. Not adaptation of the resource for mobile devices is on target image of the company and serves the cause of the loss of potential customers.


Most company websites, planning to enter the country with several official languages, or in the international market, equipped with multi-language function. This enables the user to view the website in the language of comfort for him.


Before, how to order a corporate website, should be ready, that the development of effective resource may take several months of work. Save on dates or to find a compromise between quality and price, at least, not reasonable, as the finished result will assume the role of a "face" of the company.

Designed according to the rules of the site will be an effective business tool, which not only pay for itself, but also will bring profit.