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Car design

Car design

concept car, concept car, development of auto interior. Creating a truck design, passenger car, crossover, jeep, motorcycle, sports car, supercar, sedan, heçbek. The cost of development of St. Petersburg. Creating a project in St. Petersburg.

price: from 50 000p. time: from 15 days

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concept car


The cars occupy an important place in the life of modern man - most people move to the cities and between them on a personal car or public transport. AND, despite, that most automotive companies are now offering luxury options Car design, need to develop a new concept cars disappears. The specialists of "Insight" will be able to perform even the most difficult task! You You will be able to order the development of car design and get the project, analogues to which does not exist! We love our job and do not promise that, what we can not do!

Why do you need a new design?

First and foremost it is worth noting, the design may be needed not only to existing or not yet even exist, but also virtual cars - for example, in the elements of a video game developed by. In this case, new, modern, unique car designs are increasingly in demand as well as possible! However, the company "Insight" can order the design of cars and real - for example,, we can consider existing car body design, modify it, and even create your own unique interior design and exterior auto.

This need may arise, eg, Executives of large enterprises, who prefer to travel on a luxury motor vehicles. We also help and car garages, and interior, suggesting the development of the truck design, passenger car, crossover, jeep, motorcycle, sports car or any other car.

Given the fact, that depends on the design of car comfort and aesthetics salon, car exclusivity, its aerodynamic properties, it is not necessary to specify and, that only a professional designer can accomplish this very difficult task.

car design sketch

How we are working

Our experts take into account the features of the car, its use, as well as to, who will be there to ride. We create an exclusive model of the body and interior of car, so that in the end the result will exceed all your expectations. The very same work is based on the following scheme:

  1. Refinement of technical specifications, revealing the nuances and features of the project.
  2. Development of the project a virtual solid model.
  3. Harmonization and finalization of results.
  4. Providing end-customer embodiment.

We guarantee the creation of exclusive car project, which may include both the elaboration of a body of car, and tuning project, and car restyling, as well as creating a unique "inner content" of the standard car. we try, that took us a minimum of time. Insajt ' – this is your step on the road to success!

car design

truck design concept car