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Development design billboard

Development design billboard

Price and terms: from 5000r., from 3 days.

Effective Marketing Tool – outdoor advertising. And in particular - billboards.

Passing by people, passing cars, moving public transport. Look no-no, but it falls on a bright billboard. And so - every day.

And if something in this advertisement interest, attract and looks interesting – will deliberately examine and study.

advertising agency INSIGHT designers will develop for your company a competent, qualitative, attractive design billboard, which will attract attention again and again.

Production of billboard design:

Billboard - metal structure, located along busy highways and sidewalks. Usually advertising field area is 18 square meters. Not to notice - it is difficult. Especially if the design - an interesting and tempting!

Billboard reports any information - about a new product, services, shares, the opening of a new store. Or presents firm, It is working on memorizing brand, popularization.

billboard design plays a key role and has many subtleties, so it's important, that the billboard was painted by professionals.

The challenge is, to passersby:

  • paid attention,
  • remember,
  • willing to use the service.


Development design billboard

Based on this, design should be:

– easy to read, not overloaded with details and information (because look at it is delayed, usually, on 2-3 seconds), but as descriptive as possible;

– easy to remember;

– non-irritating, create a pleasant association;

– all elements - photo, company name, phone number, picture - to be combined and not contradict each other;

– It must be visible style, taste and most importantly - memorable concept or idea;

– the text should be at least (not more 3-4 words), emphasis on the graphic quality of the;

– read font, high contrast;

– compliance with corporate identity, company philosophy.


Variants of design of billboards:

  • billboards announce - when the ads are not immediately revealed, given incomplete information, part, detail, fact, numeral. people interested, what is this, and what will happen next. And then there is a billboard, explaining previous.
  • billboard-picture - the focus on the bright image, drawing attention, surprise.
  • Billboard-slogan - unusual or memorable slogan, combination of words, White.
  • Creative billboard - featuring original idea. for example, if part of the image goes beyond the billboard, there are voluminous parts, etc..

Production of billboards

Production billboard depends on technical points - the material, which will be placed, additional details, invoice. All this is thought out even in the moment of design development.

Billboard 6x3 Petersburg Real Estate

billboard: cost of

The price for the billboard design development depends on many factors - the idea, concept, study, complexity of the problem. The value is calculated in each case - individually.

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