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Design of booklet, brochures, catalog

Design of booklet, brochures, catalog

Booklet, brochure, polygraphy, text, category, infographics, typography, Illustrations, fonts, preparation for printing. The cost of development of St. Petersburg. Creating a project in St. Petersburg.

price: from 15 000p. time: from 5 days

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brochure design

Despite, that today there is a huge amount of information carriers, including advertising, brochures and catalogs, brochures are among the most popular and effective ways to convey to the client the information about your company. To booklet really worked, you can always contact us and book booklet design, brochures, catalog - guarantee, that such a decision you have not seen before, because we - for the exclusive, created especially for you!

Why booklets?

booklets, brochures and catalogs - is often a non-periodical publications, which are designed primarily for a more complete, than posters and banners, informing the audience about your company offer. In addition, such printing products can perform other tasks and goals:

  • to attract new partners and customers;
  • create a positive company reputation;
  • make the brand more recognizable;
  • report important general information about the company, on its activities, about promotions and upcoming or ongoing projects.

This printing is often used in presentations and other activities, to attract new sponsors, so creative, effective design of brochures so important!

How we are working: main stages of development of the booklet, brochures, catalog

Experienced specialists of our studio will perform quality work and will take into account when development of design catalogs booklets and all the features, which ultimately will affect the efficiency of the developed product:

  • size and type font;
  • text writing;
  • creation of individual infographics;
  • thinking through illustrations;
  • training booklet printing.

Besides, our experts think over, eg, an original way of folding booklets, fastening directory pages together, etc.. Before presenting the finished project to the customer, our experts will carefully study the information about consumers, competitors, features of products, etc., and then create a preliminary model of the future production, who agree with you, and then finalizing the layout in accordance with all your wishes.

Why is it important to turn to professionals?

Because we will be able to perform high-quality work, quickly and inexpensively! We will analyze this market segment and create a project, which will be different from all, that exists today. Copyright protects created design layout copy, and therefore, With our help you will be able to implement all marketing tasks!

booklet design, brochures and catalogs - it's a great opportunity to expand the sphere of influence of your company, to attract investors and make your proposed product or service more popular among the audience. And for this it is necessary, to a leaflet or booklet had a spectacular appearance, were informative, stylish and easy to read. Our company will be able to perform this work is really perfect. Hundreds of satisfied customers can not be wrong!

Design of booklet