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booklet design. examples.

The abundance of diverse advertising, daily "flowing" to people everywhere, It makes them, to somehow protect his psyche from information flow, ignore it. To "break through" the barrier is necessary to literally shock (in a good way) and excite potential client. This is not an easy task falls on the shoulders of the designers, because the first impression of a man seen visually.

And the right advertising brochure - one of the most effective marketing tools, capable when correctly applying, not only be perceived by the target audience, but use, and in some cases and stored in the memory.

The concept of the booklet

Booklet - a kind of advertising and informational printed materials, which is a paper sheet, sealed on both sides, and folded several bends. In its manufacture does not use any fasteners. The compact size of the booklet is combined with informative, a professional manufacturer and design of brochures printed on quality paper guarantees to attract the attention of potential customers and their positive perception. advertising copy, informing about the company, its products, characteristics, announcements of upcoming events, etc., complement the colorful pictures.

booklets, along with business cards and websites, occupy a key place in the arsenal of effective marketing tools and are an integral part of the advertising campaign.

booklet design

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booklets feature

Objectives propagation booklets, and according to their function, may be different, depending on the type.

The most popular today are the following:

  • information

A good example of the information booklet - intelligently designed print edition mobile phone shop. potential purchaser, which is difficult to make a choice in favor of one or another package, reading the booklet, which clearly structured and submitted the necessary information, It is likely to make a purchase. "Works" information booklet should be spectacular and colorful, contain clearly formulated idea, and contact data.

  • Branding / corporate

The purpose of the spread of this type of booklets - solved with their help set PR-tasks, change the image or reputation of the company. Through text and illustrations to tell them about the company's activity, its employees, quality of work, and divide the mission and the objectives.

  • Advertising

Samples of advertising leaflets designed to present important characteristics of promoted products or services, their advantages and distinctive features.

The main function of any of the booklet - to provide a summary of the activities of the company, and draw the attention of the target audience.

design booklet 4

Requirements for booklets

Development of design of booklets requires strict adherence to a number of simple rules, that will help make the publication a truly outstanding and memorable.

Here are the key ones:

  • focus on the target audience;
  • laconic supply text and decorative elements;
  • switching bright visual emphasis;
  • well-chosen font and font size for readability of information.

It is important not to overload the booklet design elements: in large amounts they look gaudy, scatter the attention of the reader, because of what is perceived bad information.

A good example of booklets, It is practically sure version, – the, which contains a gift (Discount card, discount coupon)

top 20 Examples cool design booklets

How to make a leaflet? Tips for Developing effective design

  1. Targeting Your Audience

Design ideas for the booklet is reasonable to start to develop after determining its CA. So, for decoration prints, targeting women, used soft pastel shades, business partners - a strict palette (Gray, blue, green), if potential customers - young people, should give preference to pure fashion colors. Creating sample text for the booklet, too, need to build on the intended reader, slogans, who possess the attention of young people, unlikely to be understood by respectable people.


examples booklets, become a successful marketing tool for your company and brought the desired results, talk about, it is very important to keep in publication design balance between text and illustrations. It would not like to submit more information, should not be doing that. In boucle, ability to bring, good result, the amount of text should not exceed 3 thousand characters. Content should include: Company Brief, Description Unique Selling Proposition, and contacts.

  1. phrases simplicity

The text should not only be a brief by volume, but to write a simple, easily understood by most people,, language. laconic phrases, lack of challenging turns and predicate, make the information short and concise, which greatly increases the chances of publication to bring the expected benefits to its advertiser.

  1. readability

Examples booklet design, who helped lead a successful campaign, It demonstrates how important it is to use properly selected font. It should be clear, not too small, and readable. The use of a booklet of more than three types of fonts, It considered a sign of bad taste.

  1. Large format

The use of multiple small images, which is necessary to get accustomed, to consider their meaning - a bad example of a booklet. The same applies to complex drawings, charts, tabulation. Perfect for the perception of option - two or three large, vivid and memorable photos or drawings, and the accompanying text. If it is important to demonstrate the dynamics of, it is best to use the chart.

  1. Assessment of the overall "picture"

A distinctive feature of the booklet is, that he is not bonded to any elements, and it can be expanded. If we take the example of a tourist brochure, folded in a concertina or cute elegant fan, then you need to consider how it will look and read in the unfolded state. In this way, it is very important to make the layout of text and images, regardless of the number of pages and folding method, consider this factor.

booklet design, examples Use cool chips

Accessibility and effectiveness of the booklet, as a marketing tool, so high, that it is used by countless companies. Because of the prevalence of such excess and advertising publications, it becomes increasingly difficult to capture the attention of people. To stand out in the market, Army designers and printers Corp. to develop a creative and unique avenues.

  • Transformer

Steep chip design, able to distinguish from the mass of similar booklet, "Become familiar" people, a transformer. Creative booklet transformer produces a wah effect and is guaranteed to intrigue even the most sophisticated. Such an advertising medium is easy to change the shape, opening up new content, and causes it to carefully examine the whole.

  • Surprise

Work virtually 100% cases the "hook" serves the idea to provide a little booklet Prezent. This can be a bonus or discount card, gift Certificate, a test sample of products, etc.. From such surprises rarely refuses. For registration cards people go to the store or on the website, and is likely to talk about it with family and friends.


booklets, as a kind of image advertising products, – effective tool for quick reports important information (About company, its products / services, promotions, events, etc.) to the end user, partners, customers and other members of the target audience. At a low cost manufacturing, booklet demonstrates the high advertising effectiveness, showing much better results, than about the boring commercials and ads.