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design cafe

design cafe

Making coffee, form style, cost of, to order, St. Petersburg, create menu, Furnishings.

price: from 30 000p. time: from 10 days

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design cafe

Cafe - a place, which returned not only for the sake of, to a tasty snack, but also for the good service, and atmospheric places, which creates the right design. extremely important, that the concept places reflect ideas of the owner, was integrated, showy, Cafe stands out among its competitors. Only an experienced designer will be able to think through the interior places to detail, to create a harmonious, stylistically uniform look of the cafe of any class (from low-cost budget to premium, luxury). If you need to really exclusive, stylish, bright solution, then welcome to the agency "Insight", where you can order to develop a cafe design any difficulty, in any style.

creative concept

Order Design Cafe - means, opt for real success! Our experts can offer as a partial development of the project, and complete its maintenance, which will include:

  • design-project coffee;
  • development of corporate style institutions;
  • menu design;
  • interior decoration and exterior cafe.

For us nothing is impossible! Designers can work in a completely different styles, to offer you an exclusive option only, such, the like of which will not be none of your competitors!

In developing the concept of institution must take into account the target audience, its specificity, features of the cafe, his dishes, an analysis of the logistics premises, where there will be a café ... All of this - a difficult job, with which our designers and analysts will cope without problems.

With the right approach, we guarantee, will create a unique institution, which literally fall in love with at first sight visitors, will wish to talk about the cafe to friends and acquaintances (namely, the "word of mouth" is the best and most effective advertising), coming here is not one, and two, three times a day!

cafe design

How we are working

The agency "Insight" offers the development of individual elements of the interior, and creating a complete concept of institution, which will include:

  1. Drafting obmerochnogo drawing on the existing building plan.
  2. Project Café Plan (engineering designs, partitions, walls, etc.);
  3. Creating a ceiling layout, furniture, wiring, drawing up a precise plan.
  4. Selection of finishing materials, sketch design elements, that will be created for individual orders (eg, Project stairs and furniture).
  5. Design of technical facilities Cafe (eg, kitchen, podsobok etc.).
  6. Visualization of the project and drawing up a statement of consumables, their number, etc..

Insajt ' – Perfect quality assurance work, this is your step to a successful business!

corporate style cafe