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poster design

Design posters from an advertising agency full cycle

poster design, Price and terms: by 10000r., from 3 days.

Poster - leaflet large format (usually, A4, A3 and more). Posters are placed on the street, offices, in shopping malls, entertainment and leisure establishments. Qualitative design allows posters to attract the attention of buyers, to advertise a product or service, to create a certain image of the company.

Advertising agency INSIGHT offers interesting and original solutions to design posters, ensures quality and accuracy of, individual approach to clients and guaranteed result.

poster design:

  • should attract attention, to generate interest – pictures, color solutions, contrast, special font style. Thus it is necessary to properly combine all the details and colors, not to overload the details;
  • it is important to choose the most appropriate illustration. unusual, interesting, something "catchy", reflecting product, service;
  • text should briefly and clearly communicate information;
  • it is desirable to adhere to corporate style, allocate logo and company name, to emphasize the concept of the company.

Where to order a poster?

Order poster design in St. Petersburg, you can at an advertising agency INSIGHT. true professionals work here, who know the ins and outs of advertising, marketing, graphic design and psychology.

posters: price

The price of the poster design made up of many factors – develop a unique layout, with the subsequent completion of your requirements, the uniqueness, features, ideas. In addition to the poster can be manufactured flyers, outdoor advertising with the same concept.

poster manufacturing cost - much lower than in other types of favorite ads. The price of the poster makes this marketing move - the most profitable. for effect, sufficiently developed, competent and interesting design. And in this - we will help you!

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