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Site design

Creating a site design

If your company does not have the Internet, so, it does not exist. This postulate is valid recent years and completely untrue. If you want to succeed in any field, It needs bright, memorable site, that will convince potential customers to address to you. The company "Insight" has developed a unique design for your online store, enterprise resource, Landing a small or in accordance with the characteristics of goods and services, as well as the interests of the target audience.

We work for fair price, creative approach to the task and ready for the most incredible projects!

Why is it so important website design

Site Design - is the "face" of the Internet resource, the entire set of graphical and textual information, presented to the user. Properly structured website is easy to use, It attracts attention and reflects the basic concept of the company.

Main tasks, which accurately handle a good website design:

  • increase visitor loyalty;
  • improve behavioral factor;
  • drawing attention to the presentation of goods and services.

Design has a direct connection with the conversion and customer behavior. If you want to stay on the site, increases the likelihood of purchase!

With design, you can form a definite opinion about the company, and is part of the brand positioning. The site - a showcase of your network. When designing, we do all, to your potential customers feel comfortable, clear and easy to find the right information, checkout.

Дизайн сайта для Siberian jade Erfe

Web site design for Siberian jade Erfe

Who need a website design

If you need bright, memorable page, please contact "Insight"! We will develop a design for:

  1. Online store with any assortment. If you are selling makeup, clothes, power tool or flowers - email us. We will pack your goods according to the rules of marketing.
  2. corporate website. We represent your company in the best light to increase customer confidence, We highlight the benefits and reflect the basic idea of ​​the design.
  3. Business Cards - now not only on paper, but in the network. If you want to quickly and efficiently offer their services, Online Business Card - the best way to do this!
  4. Lendinga - a modern way of presenting the product or service. A single-selling site works fine provided catchy design and text content.

In this way, site design is relevant to the whole world, who want to regularly find new customers on the Internet and is committed to the continuous development

Что вы получите, ordering website design specialists

Ordering in the development of our company website design, you get an effective marketing tool, which will work on the promotion of your business:

  • customer acquisition and motivation of a careful study of your products and services;
  • sales upturn;
  • improving brand recall and product range;
  • a reflection of the concept and a correct opinion about it.

How to create a design

Our specialists will develop design of a site in several stages:

  • audience analysis, features of the product or company, development of a common design theme song;
  • layout sketch in pencil. This is a draft, in which you can make changes and agree with the client. Such a representation is convenient, since the individual elements can render separately, a closer look;
  • layout in the graphical editor. painstaking job, which takes days to a few weeks depending on the number of pages. At this stage, we can already see the functionality and visual representation of the future site;
  • introducing the latest patches and matching design with the customer;
  • layout in html - final stage, where the programmer creates a ready-made template.

The company's "Insight" working creative designers and skilled programmers. Regardless of, What does your company do, we will develop a design for your website in a short time at the right price. We undertake a full cycle: from the idea to its realization. contact! Designed website design will sell and promote your brand in the online marketplace!

Design site rattan

Turnkey Website failure

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The cost of developing the layout design, concept, sketch in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Creating a project in St. Petersburg.

price: from 15 000p. time: from 5 days


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