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Packaging design for Weipa

Currently, the domestic market veypinga is at the stage of rapid development. In parallel with the growth of its popularity is growing demand for the vaporizer and the mixture for floating.

To date, manufacturers offer devices for veypinga different designs, which can be divided into the following types:

  • E-Sigs (in appearance they resemble ordinary). Such models are often used by those, who seek to quit smoking.
  • apparatus of, running on battery power or battery.
  • Fully mechanical Weipa (fashion), designed for experienced veyperov. Devices of this type are considered the most reliable, as they virtually nothing to break.

Packaging design for Weipa

Vaporizer is charged with specifically designed for this liquid, which is also called a mixture of, juice or manure. Despite the huge variety of liquids, they are prepared from the same ingredients. The proportion of the components used directly affects the quality of steam and its taste.

However, the standard template "formula" to one's taste is not all gourmets, so manufacturers are constantly looking for and produce their own solutions.

In that case, if the composition includes a mixture of nicotine, talking about his fortress. Its taste and smell slurry for adding flavorings Weipa obliged.

Aromas are very different: fruity and floral, tobacco and alcohol, spicy and sweet, neutral, and many others.

Package design

On the shelves of modern specialized shops offer a wide range of fluids for Weipa, Therefore, to successfully promote your own product it is important to be able to stand being fed. Optimal assistant in this matter - packaging. Additional value of the product and create an original design labels.

Branding mixtures hover consists of elements:

  • analysis of the situation in the market and the definition of the target audience;
  • the positioning of the brand and products;
  • development strategy;
  • promotion.

Packaging design for Weipa

To draw the attention of potential customers is important to correctly present the product, as well as the features and values ​​of the brand. Quite often positioned veyping, as an effective way to quit smoking, however, this is not the only promise.

Packaging and Labeling

first, that catches your eye when looking at the buyer shelves with mixtures for veypinga, This packaging and product label.

Label - it is not just beautiful “slip of paper” product information, first she:

  • producer to consumer communication tool;
  • the opportunity to focus on the advantages of the brand;
  • way to create an emotional connection between the brand name and target audience.

Bright colors

One option label design stands specially designed for every taste original drawing, bright and saturated colors evoke associations with juicy flavors of mixtures.


Black-and-white palette is also popular among manufacturers. Usually, located on a black background image, which tells about the taste of the content.

liquid bottle design for Weipa

As for packaging mixtures often used a glass or plastic jar. Usually, in the "glass" offer high quality products, in the "plastic" – medium or low-end.

"Chip" of some well-known manufacturers - an unusual form of the bottle, which is a unique selling proposition in the market.

The disadvantage of non-standard bottles is, that they are almost impossible to use the mini-versions of the mixture. In fact,, design probes slurry is not less important, design than the main liquid packaging soaring.

An important characteristic for packaging liquid serves its ease of use. Excellent option - a glass or plastic container, provided with a pipette or a spout.

Name-brand for Weipa

After that, as the positioning of the brand decided, you need to come up with a name for it.

Apt name meets the following criteria:

  • easy to pronounce and easy to remember;
  • different names, used by competing companies;
  • in common with the main TM promise.

No less attention is paid to the producers of a name for each class produced mixture.

The cost of the layout design, concept, sketch in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Creating a project in St. Petersburg.

price: from 15 000p. time: from 4 days

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