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Effective advertising on the car

A special niche in the field of marketing technology takes advertising on transport. Its popularity is due to the distinctive features, which include: wide coverage of audience, dynamism, great possibilities of visual effects at relatively affordable budget.

The most popular and effective options of advertising media act:

  • urban / suburban ground and underground public transport;
  • personal and corporate vehicles;
  • train near and long-distance.

Effective advertising on the car

The effectiveness of advertising on the cars

Advertising on transport has incredible potential for successful implementation of the most creative and bold marketing ideas. The favorable ratio between the price and the promising capabilities allow it to occupy a worthy place among other niches in the advertising business.

Features advertising on cars

The undoubted advantages of this type of advertising medium referred:

  • mass availability. The advertisement may see all of the city's population, regardless of where they live and work.
  • unobtrusive. A distinctive feature of advertising, placed on transport, acts that, that potential customers it does not cause irritation and negative, because it does not break away from the causes of everyday activities, and requires only passive attention.
  • Plenty of room for creativity. Thanks to a considerable variety of forms and dimensions of vehicles as advertising media, This decision opens up incredible opportunities for a creative approach to solving problems of advertising. this, in turn, making it brighter, attractive and memorable for the ambient browser.
  • Dynamism and mobility. Transport serves advertising medium, always on the move, which not only significantly expands its availability, but also makes it possible to exactly the right place to deliver a proposal to a potential client.

The effectiveness of advertising on the cars

Pros and cons of advertising

The undoubted advantages include:

  1. Colossal coverage areas and different age and social status of the consumer groups. In addition to pedestrians, and passengers, we are talking about the drivers of private cars.
  2. Professionally Decorated transport advertising is created, taking into account, to the potential audience was able to see and perceive the important information quickly. Therefore, it is clearly visible, easy to perception and not get bored.
  3. Due to a number of specific features, and mainly because of its dynamism, transport advertising has a lasting impact on potential customers. For static "picture" people learn faster.
  4. Advertising on vehicles is inexpensive and, what is not less important, It does not imply further costs for its regular service.
  5. High demand for public transport for the majority of the population of our country, It opens unlimited possibilities for its use as an effective advertising medium.


  1. Depending on weather conditions. Precipitation and wind - negative factors, have a direct impact on the quality and brightness. Due to their effects, advertising eventually able to lose the original message Hue Saturation, dirty and even flake off. But, provided care of advertising on truck, it will last a long time.
  2. The effectiveness of advertising decreases and disappears with the onset of the dark time of day, since it does not have its own lighting. But this can be overcome, opting for a route with a good Illuminability streets in the evenings and at night.
  3. The final flaw, which at the same time, It is dignity and, – the constant movement of advertising media. Not always for those few moments,, until the vehicle passes by, potential customer fails to perceive the advertising message, which is placed on it. But thanks to a creative approach to design layout, this disadvantage can be advantageous to beat and turn into a plus.

Pawn advertising success

That is how successful placement of advertising messages by private car or public transport depends on the correctness of the chosen marketing strategy.

Advertising on private cars

Marketing research results clearly demonstrate, that outdoor advertising on the car, subject to careful planning the campaign and cooperation with the bona fide operator, It is more advantageous, and that the main thing - more effective, than any other tool. Thanks to this dynamic "advertising platform" have the opportunity to promptly, budget and spend quality creative and colorful campaign, which is certainly not go unnoticed.

Advertising on the rear window of the car

In view of the incredible variety of signage, banners and billboards, may wonder: how effective advertising on the car on the rear window and what it is unique? In fact, if you approach it the planning and implementation of responsible and creative, that yes, it is very effective. This variant of accommodation of the advertising message is a great way without major investments, draw the attention of the huge number of potential customers - drivers, passengers, pedestrians in various parts of the village.

Private advertising on the car on the rear window

This type of advertising has a surprisingly beneficial difference from all the other accommodation options. people see, that a vehicle with advertising on the rear window, and in it sits the same person, as themselves. We target audience is naturally produced associative array, allowing correlate sitting behind the wheel of the vehicle with the placement of advertisements. I.e, by calling the advertising message to a phone number, he will not communicate with a vague face, and with a specific person. This gives you the opportunity to personalized advertising.

In major metropolitan areas, where traffic jams are commonplace, effectiveness of advertising on the rear window of the car has grown significantly.

Advertisement on corporate transport

In the case of corporate transport, advertising on car and glass board used, as an ordinary marketing course. The machine plays the role of the advertising message mobile carrier.

Often as a corporate advertising media assume the taxis and buses, which provides regular information of the wide range of potential customers.

How to make advertising on cars

Formation of product advertising is done in several stages. First of all, think carefully about and formed the main idea of ​​the future posts. In the second phase covers all possible variants of the communication. The third stage - definition of the content, shape, structure, background, Colors and other product parameters, as well as the technology of its manufacture.

Methods of application advertising

Currently, the number of options for the application of advertising on vehicles is very high. This diversity allows each firm, tends to attract the attention of potential customers to the goods and services offered, find a solution, that will meet the objectives of the campaign and will arrange for the price.

Depending on the type of materials used, application of advertising on vehicles classified as follows:

  • with the use of paint and varnish materials;
  • Vehicle pasting through special film;
  • advertising on tents.

The lowest demand for the first option, due to inherent disadvantages to this method. First of all, difficulties in applying (especially large images), Secondly, difficulty in making any changes to the original design layout, Well and thirdly, it will reduce the cost of cars in case of sale.

Stickers on the car for many years enjoyed unflagging demand. Today, there are a wide variety of types of advertising films, used to, to make a spectacular car branding. Image printing is carried out in two different ways:

  • full color (the entire image), ideal for large objects;
  • cutting plotters - the decision to create a compact inscriptions, monochrome graphics or image parts, applied on cars alone.

Advertising on car tent produced on already existing, subject to the suitability of his condition, or printing is carried out on a new tent.

at the legislative level restrictions

Many are concerned logical question: "Is advertising permitted by car?». Question, relating to advertising on vehicles, governed by the law "On Advertising".

It imposed a ban on its placing on:

  • machines federal postal service;
  • vehicles, equipped with special light- and beeper (including those, carrying dangerous goods);
  • auto Specialty.

It is also forbidden to make alterations vehicles so, to interfere with traffic safety and then used for other purposes.

Creating a campaign, cost of

At this, how much will it cost the branding of cars affected by a number of factors, chief among which are the: vehicle size, type of material and design the layout of the future. It should be noted, it will be one-time investments.

Calculate the cost of an advertising campaign on public transport is also easy. It includes the cost of materials, design (full or partial pasting), the number of units involved vehicles, the type of route and the selected city.

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Effective advertising by car or public transport - an excellent opportunity for any company to declare itself, talk about goods and services offered throughout the city population. Unlike TV and radio, which can be switched, as well as newspapers and Internet resources, who can not read, ignore advertising on transport can not be a passing.

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