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Corporate identity of the world's top companies

The value of the corporate style of the company is difficult to overestimate, because it confers on it the function to act as a link between the company and its target audience, as well as to emphasize its relationship with manufactured goods or services. Well-built corporate identity helps the company and its products differ from similar, submitted by competitors.

The weight of corporate style

Pledge support team unity, ensure loyalty to the new staff, general sense of importance and belonging to the company acts according to the rules built a unique style of corporate culture.

Corporate Identity - a set of different components, It is the most important part in the mechanism of the creation of the brand and branding component. Taking on the role of an instrument of construction of the brand image, individual corporate identity highlights the differences with competitors, It enhances the effectiveness of the advertising campaigns, places emphasis on product features.

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разработка фирменного стиля


Form style, as a means to build the company's image and its increase, It includes such items:

  • trademark;
  • the colors used;
  • tagline, reflects the basic promotional offer;
  • firm block trademark;
  • individual fonts.

Trademark (TZ)

TK - a fundamental element of corporate identity, by which to easily identify the company's products.

Exists 5 the most popular varieties of the trade mark:

  1. graphic

This embodiment is a unique image, capable of combining photographs and graphic elements. Such a solution presents impressive corporate style TM.

  1. Volume

Volume TK is a specific object, indicating the product belongs to the brand (perfume bottles, stemware, bottle, eccentric shape of the products themselves).

  1. Verbal

Most often, trademark, referring to the verbal type, Decorated in a nontrivial graphic style with individual letters and original inscription. More than three quarters of the companies has its own logo (emblem). certainly, it should be in harmony with the overall corporate style of the company.

  1. Sound

TK This orientation is widely used not only to the body- and radio, but enterprises of different directions. Such a tool is very important for building a corporate identity, because the people are easy to remember your favorite tunes.

  1. Combined

This embodiment involves the simultaneous use of several, for example, graphic and verbal.

form style

Color spectrum

Her choice is extremely important, as scientifically proven how strong and different colors affect the perception and the emotional background of the person. optimally, use no more than two or three colors, here it is important not to overdo it with the number of colors.

Colour, which identified, as a brand should clearly identify the company, offered its products and services. In today's technology world, it is important to evaluate, how colors will appear not only on the printed copies, but also in all possible electronic media. Dull and pale colors should be excluded.


Another integral element of corporate identity, acts company slogan, – catchy and succinct phrase, accurately convey the principles of the brand. She is assigned to the TM, her trademark.

A successful slogan - the, which emphasizes the company's uniqueness and is of interest to consumers. Tagline, small in size and melodic, perfectly memorized the target audience and at the same time with other elements of corporate identity, actively promotes brand integrity policy.

corporate block

This element includes the necessary components (emblem and logo), as well as the official name of the company, its details, decorative touches, etc.. For the text portion corporate unit includes such requirements:

  • readability;
  • pithiness;
  • conceptual.

All forms, documents, writing, business cards and company message must start with the corporate block.

Design of corporate identity


An additional way to emphasize the uniqueness of the company acts as a choice or creation of the original font. There are several specific types of fonts, each designed for specific activities:

  • to create advertising;
  • development of trademark;
  • for websites, that adapt to any of the browsers.

Additional elements of corporate identity

The most popular among them advocates the creation of a legend, and used it as the main character logo. They can be a cartoon character, person, animal or mystical creature.

Put forward the requirements for corporate identity

  1. Primarily, it memorability. To corporate identity was such, it is important to establish clear to a potential buyer trademark, much exuding from those, used competitors. During the development of widely used graphical components, drawings and fonts, are remembered better audience, than just the company name.
  1. The second requirement is that, to absolutely every one of the elements of corporate style was well-scalable. example, logo should be easily readable, regardless of its parameters, as business cards, and so on large posters.
  1. recognition. High-quality corporate identity is easily recognizable for the large mass of the population. Each of its components the user to easily associate with the brand.
  1. The logo must be clearly legible and look the same on any type of advertising production and media. Very important, so that it is easily recognizable and in black and white.