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Annual report

Annual report

Anual report 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013. Фирменный буклет для компании. The cost of development of St. Petersburg. Creating a project in St. Petersburg.

price: from 40 000p. time: from 20 days

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Annual report

Annual report on the activities of any company for a long time ceased to be a boring piece of paper, signed by an accountant. More and more companies prefer not to hide their own achievements for the year, and demonstrate their consumers, partners and employees. In our company you can always order the development of the annual report: experts are working perfectly with complex data and come up with for their creative design!

What is included in the annual report?

More often design of annual report It includes a large amount of data, processed and available cast. Primarily related to these data:

  • Company overview;
  • the structure of the company;
  • the main directions of development;
  • position of the company in its market segment;
  • financial statements;
  • Company information products, prisoners transactions, etc..

Annual report may be presented in any form: brochure, booklet, book, etc.. Such a product is primarily serves advertisement information carrier and at the same time contributes to a raising of the level of prestige, It demonstrates the level of corporate culture. Some large enterprises are obliged to provide information on operations for the year - and in this case, Order Annual Report - means, relieve the business from many of the complexities.

Our experts will help you to choose not only the shape of the report, but also printing method, which will be used in the preparation of the report (eg, serigraphy, offset printing, etc.), as well as the report method of assembly - often adhesive mount selected, that looks more solid, than assembling a spring or clip.

As developed design?

The design of the annual report - a task difficult enough, because they often have to work with large amounts of data. In spite of this, our designers will easily cope with this work! The main stages of development:

  1. Collection of documentary evidence. They are supplied by the customer, and designers analyze and think through the likely location and lineup data.
  2. Concept development. Designers think through visual images, help easier and more creative to present information, offer options supports ready report, its design and layout agree with the customer.
  3. preparation of release. After agreeing on the layout designers to typeset and print preparing a draft annual report.

Our experts provide fast execution of works of any complexity, spectacular appearance of the annual report, who enjoy and employees, and customers, and potential partners and sponsors. Besides, we guarantee the protection of the report by copyright and pleasant service cost. Address to us - it is always high quality and perfect result!

anual report