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calendar design

Design wall-calendar cottage

Price and terms: by 10000r., from 3 days.

calendars, usually, It is presented to a souvenir as a New Year. This is the most valuable and practical gift! Corporate calendars also have an additional meaning - they not only inform about the dates and days of the week, but unobtrusive advertising firm, Products or services, during the whole year.

INSIGHT advertising agency specialists will create a unique and interesting design, make your New Year's gift - the most original! This calendar sure to take pride of place in the office or at home!

Design corporate calendar quarter Charter 2018

Design corporate calendar quarter Charter 2018

calendar design

The price of the design depends on the type of calendars calendar (They are wall, table, Pocket, poster, perekydnыe, quarterly, "Pyramid", etc.) And also from the design ideas and concepts. From the original level. The chosen material.

The cost of design calendars usually no more than any other design products poligrafichekoy, but the period of validity – for much longer, and, Consequently, efficiency – above.

In the manufacture of important design calendars:

  • choose the right color, shades, fonts,
  • to come up with original illustrations, make interesting captions, it is logical to arrange all the details, do not overload them;
  • perform all in the same style, adhering to a specific design ideas;
  • while maintaining corporate identity, her conception.

Now the calendars can be printed not only on paper, but also on plastic, metal, on fabric, stone, wax, etc.. Flight fantasies virtually limitless!

Design Calendar is best to book well before New Year. To allow sufficient time for the development of really high-quality and original design.

Desk calendar advertising agency for Yukari

Desk calendar advertising agency Yukari

Making calendars with logo

Congratulations partners with the holidays is more than good manners, This ability to build reliable long-term relationships with customers and partners.

Corporate calendar with the logo and slogan of your company - a great gift for customers, personnel, business partners

Logo - emphasize the calendar is your company affiliation, will promote the corporate identity, tout a company.

Our designers will be able to successfully place the logo, fit into the overall design concept, properly combining with other items and emphasizing its importance.

We guarantee high quality of service and selection of individual solutions. calendars, the design of which was developed in our, even throw in a year - it is a pity!