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Creating a brand

Creating a brand

Creating a brand: Price and terms : by 20000r., from 5 days.

INSIGHT advertising agency provides services for the development of brands and their promotion on the market.

Brand - it is a sign, symbol, name, term, drawing or a combination of elements, representing a product or service and distinguishes it from other. Brand is located on the packaging or the product itself.

Creating a brand:

One of the company or firm may be up to several hundreds of different brands.

Production trademark includes:

– title design,

– logo,

– slogan,

– concepts or ideas.

Stages of creating brand:

-market research, the target audience, competitor analysis;

-value of the product definition, its features, its positioning;

– design to create a unique brand, which would be a sign, designating a particular product or product

– possible to use corporate identity, but not necessarily. Brand can act as a completely independent proudkt.

Advertising the brand

Brand advertising is of great importance.

  • She says about a new product, about his qualities.
  • It makes the product popular and attractive. Forms a positive image of him.
  • It makes the product recognizable.
  • Determines its position in the market, increases sales.

Price brand:

The price of the brand depends on various factors and is calculated in each case - individually.

Order the development of the brand in the advertising agency INSIGHT, you can count on high-quality work and the establishment of competent, interesting and successful product.

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