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How to find a programmer to create a site

Existing in the modern world hard competitive conditions forced the owners of various kinds of business to pay maximum attention to the quality of the produced products and rendered services. At the same, time a prerequisite for attracting new clients and partners, opportunity to present their company needs such an effective marketing tool, as a site.

Where and how to find a programmer to create a site, which would in certain timeline developed a quality web resource, and at the same time appointed for their services adequate price, we consider in this article.

Where to look for a programmer?

If necessary, delegate the development of the web site or application, There are several ways to search for a specialist:

  • appeal to a specialized web-studio;
  • Search individual freelancer (on their own or with the help of recruiting agencies).

Each option has a number of advantages and disadvantages.

site development

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Hire a programmer or company?

Cooperation with web-studio for some reason considered to be more convenient solution. This option does not require the customer's understanding of all the minute details of the work and of finding "common ground" with the command staff, since all matters concerning the management takes currently a project manager with the agency.

However, the cost of the same product, created state web studios and individual developers, can differ by several times. programmer services to create a website, working on freelance, cost is much cheaper, that serves a definite plus for companies, taking their first steps in online business development.

And, good freelancer, in most cases more quickly respond to calls and emails the customer, than the studio, where all the answers are automatically generated, and responsibilities are strictly divided between team members.

Determining the requirements for the programmer

While in the process of finding the answer to the question: "How to choose a site developer?», to be understood, What personal and professional qualities necessary representative of the profession.

Firstly, the work of the developer is constantly creating something new, not having ready answers, and in solving nontrivial problems. therefore, indicator of a good developer advocates perseverance, the ability to not be afraid of difficulties and never give up. To develop a quality project the programmer must also have an analytical mind and algorithmic approach, able to concentrate, different and perseverance to be able to work in a team.

Building a website is done in steps, and includes the following stages:

  • formulation of the problem, TK compilation (technical specifications);
  • design
  • creating design layout;
  • programming
  • testing for evaluation of the resource, the lack of "glitches";
  • analysis and support.

site development

Create specific requirements of the site and the expected result

Technical task (TZ) – document, in which the maximum specified in detail the requirements for the finished web resource. On the basis of TOR produced site development, and subsequently adopted the finished work, checked for compliance with the criteria, spelled out in the document.

Proper preparation of the TOR for the most efficient co-operation between the parties.

No ready-made templates, how should this document be drawn up, therefore, in each case, it is created in an arbitrary manner. However, it's best to make it a structured, where the entire volume of assignments on specific criteria divided into the categories, items, subparagraphs…

What must be included in the TOR:

  1. General information on the Internet site of its future goals, tasks, lecture hall, on which it is focused, particular site engagement, etc..
  2. A description of the technical characteristics, which can be objectively assessed, counted, measured… The phrase "user-friendly menu" or "stylish design" does not fit, because different people have different opinions on this subject.
  3. As part of the TK must be specified on the expected functionality of the future of the site with an indication of the required modules and information blocks in its pages.
  4. Articulates site structure, indicated should it be used (if available) corporate identity.
  5. To avoid disputes after the delivery of the finished site, it is important to include in the terms of reference list of browsers, in which the site will be displayed correctly, as well as the range resolution of the monitor to view the site. Here it is worth to identify and technical conditions of the web resource in mobile devices and OS.

What to consider for an interview with a programmer?

The easiest and most effective way to choose a site for programmers, verify its competence - to get acquainted with the candidate portfolio. Should look among his works version of the resource, similar to the one, which is planned to be ordered. If a ready-made solution will be enjoyed, the risks associated with an incompetent developer minimized. Very good, If the programmer has positive references from previous customers, – is a strong argument in its favor, rather than "word of honor" of the developer.

Important personal qualities of a good programmer, perform work ethic (the safety of confidential information about the company, which become known to him in the course of cooperation with the customer), compliance with terms originally unlabeled delivery of the project, timely and adequate response to calls, observations / comments, writing.

A developer with a good reputation is able to create a product, which harmoniously combines the requests and wishes of the client with his own ideas.

Determination of the most important aspects of cooperation

The key points of cooperation with the developer of the site are:

  • technical. Clearly composed performer TOR, based on the requirements and wishes of the customer, – «Map», by which the developer will incrementally move toward expected outcomes.
  • financial. The cost of developing the project, Payment for the continued support and maintenance site, hosting, etc.. - All figures must be agreed upon and spelled out in a written contract with the conditions and manner of payment of fees.
  • legal. Mandatory aspect of cooperation with the programmer performs its obligation to preserve the confidentiality of data about the customer, which become known to him in the course of work on the creation of a Web resource and its future maintenance.
  • Another item, of importance, advocates the observance of deadlines contractor deliverables and the finished project deadline.

financial highlights. How to protect yourself from, programmer "throw"?

After that, as a matter of "how to find a developer to create a site?"I have already been decided, and approval of the candidate is found, it is time to enter into a contract. Nowadays reputation, as well as any other information, network spreads very quickly, therefore "throw" the second side, for customer, and for the artist, foolish and unprofitable.

However, very reasonable all aspects of the future of the project in writing to fix under a contract. Such a step will contribute to mutually beneficial cooperation and will save your nerves.

The main points, that should be included in a written agreement between the customer and programmer:

  • cost of services and conditions of the developer fee payment;
  • a detailed list of the results, which requires developers;
  • a complete list of required data, which should provide the customer before work;
  • intermediate deadlines for each stage of the delivery deadline and the finished project;
  • legal aspects, on, eg, data Privacy.


The question "where to find a programmer for the site?"Each company decides on its, Guided by his experience, depending on the budget and the scale of, the urgency of the problem.

In the interview process is not sufficient to assess the candidate only on his resume, Portfolio and practical skills. It should be understood, the programmer to create a website, – Though for a certain period, but, However, a new team member, who must be able to work on its rules and have good communication skills.

Most importantly, in collaboration with the developer - to be able to listen to his opinion, as experienced in the IT-sphere. He can see what, that is not obvious to the customer, and that the developer tips often help eliminate the project to a new level.