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How to come up with a memorable slogan

The company's slogan - short and succinct phrase, consisting of five words or less, that represents a brand or product in compact form, reflecting the essence of the activity, or transferring the basic idea. A really good slogan is easy-to-understand, catchy and instantly causes certain emotions, which are associated with the brand.

Corporate slogan - a key element of corporate identity, which, along with the logo and other visual / text objects is a powerful marketing tool to attract the attention of your target audience to one or more aspects of the brand or product produced them.

The slogan used to create a viral effect among potential buyers when relaying advertising and is an integral component of the advertising campaign

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Tips on creating a catchy slogan

When you create a corporate slogan necessary knowledge in the field of marketing, psychology, sociology, linguistics, another mandatory "component" is a creative streak.

  1. logo

Yes, it is with the logo should start creating a slogan. The key to effective brand promotion - coordinated work of these two key elements of identity. Their development is best carried out synchronously in the same time, so that they become inseparable parts of a whole, while complementing each other organically.

  1. Do not try to speed up the process

It should be adjusted on the, that the formulation of a slogan, fully reflects the essence of the company or its product, and meet all the requirements (pithiness, simplicity, easy to remember) It takes time. The process itself consists of 3 stages:

  • the selection among the whole mass of information about the company to its most important aspects;
  • "brainstorm", the result will be to sketch a lot of "raw" ideas;
  • discussion of the options from the resulting list, amendments and adjustments.
  1. Simplicity

One of the key indicators of a successful slogan really acts ability audience, on which it was designed, instantly understand. therefore, seeking to reflect the slogan of the features and strengths of the brand / product, we must not forget about the brevity, – after the fact, to produce the desired impression on potential buyers, available to have only a few seconds.


  • slogan should not exceed one sentence;
  • Favor simple words, easily perceived by the ear;
  • if the capacity of a compound word is so great, that it can replace the equivalent of a couple of sentences - a lucky find!
  1. Humor - the best seasoning

Perfect, if the wording of the slogan will be able to add humor.

But, love togo, that he turned gay, it is not necessary to sacrifice the structure. That is ridiculous and clumsy worse, than without humor, but simple, clear and well-structured.

  1. Brand integrity - the key to consumer confidence

certainly, when creating a slogan it would be desirable to tell about the unprecedented quality of our products or services. However, it should follow the "golden mean" and not to use the hackneyed words such as "No1", "the best", "As anyone" and the like.

At first, it's a cliche, which are perceived by consumers, as standard procedure and boring phrases.

Secondly, even if it is the absolute truth, reinforce such "loud" statement of facts is not so simple.

In this way, you must strive to, to voice in the strongest slogan promoted quality brand, but it does not show excessive self-confidence and not to engage in self-praise, – it will cause only negative emotions and anger.

  1. Focus on development and good results

Effective marketing ploy would be the company's statement about his commitment, continued growth and dedication to its customers. People like to be consumers of the goods or services of strong and reliable firms, whose work commands respect and admiration.

  1. Versatility

As the slogan created for the purpose of transmitting information directly to the target audience, you must correctly characterize it, before coming up with a slogan. After all, if the brand or the product is planned to advance beyond its region, or even more countries, it must be so, to move easily into a couple of the most used languages ​​in the world, and still maintain its promise.

  1. What is the "highlight"?

It is very important moment in the process of creating a corporate slogan, advocates understanding of what is specifically expressed in the uniqueness of the offer of the company. It could be anything: the uniqueness of the product, exceptional ease of service, shipping method, unprecedented offer for a certain segment of the population…

  1. Rhyme and rhythm

As I mentioned above, slogan should be fast and easy to remember. To hear him on the radio / TV or reading on the logo, consumer immediately learned the advertising phrase, must, so it was a rhyme and rhythm, best of all - if he is also a music and.

Marketing research proved, that the slogans in the song as remembered target audience much faster, than text without music.


It is difficult to overestimate the importance of well established corporate slogan, after one short phrase translates a certain energy and, in the same time, It creates the most important – first impression. Naturally, than it is stronger - the more successful advertising campaign will take place in the whole.

Tagline, compiled by all the rules, and meets the basic criteria - Tool, It has great marketing and creative value!

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