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How to re-brand the company

It often happens, that over time the company brand, consistently and successfully working on it, ceases to fully arrange guide. The decision on the need to conduct a series of changes gradually matures, and there comes a moment of Activism. On partial or radical changes in the company and may encourage the emergence of a competitor with a similar name, logo, colors design, or the desire to expand / modify the target audience, change the product range…

What is the re-branding of the company?

Rebranding is an active marketing strategy, which includes a series of actions, aimed at changing the brand. It can be complete or only apply to certain constituents: slogan, website, logo, name, exterior design. Rebranding involves correction of the system of values, its positioning in the market, and thus the perception of the brand of its target audience.

To change consumer brand associations, various data transmission sources. Depending on the type of product: auditory, verbal, visual, tactile…

Why spend rebranding?

how to understand, that needs re-branding?

Rebranding involves serious financial investments, wherein the expected result may not be, it can also be negative. That is why, before its implementation should ensure, that really need re-branding.

When should you do re-branding?

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The main reasons for the need to re-branding include:

  • Changes in the economic situation in the country

The financial crisis dramatically reduces the urgency and the need for brands, offering a prestigious and expensive products. Competent rebranding will help refocus the company and its products to different audiences, with more modest financial means.

  • Modification / expansion of the target audience

for example, manufacturer, turn out products, oriented students, rebranding makes sense, if you plan to reach a larger audience: not only students, but also high school students, and young professionals.

  • Expansion of the range or change

The brand associated with the products issued by them and the services offered. If the range is expanded – rebranding is required, otherwise the company will continue to be associated exclusively with the original manufactured products.

  • The emergence of a strong competitor

The arrival of a competitor's market, whose popularity is growing rapidly and gaining the attention of the target audience, also supports the reason for the rebranding. Comprehensive marketing measures, aimed at strengthening its brand position will at least keep their customers, and protect the company from market losses and further bankruptcies.

  • sales decline

The fall in sales, for no apparent reason, may signal the weakening and loss of relevance of the brand. In this situation correctly rebranding has the potential to help the company regain its position.

types of rebranding

How to make a re-branding depends on the magnitude of the proposed changes. Updates can relate to some of the elements of corporate identity: name, slogan, logo, website, colors, separate product, and affect each of the attributes.

Stages of rebranding

How to re-brand the company competently?

This process is similar to breeding to market a brand “from scratch”. Here, research is needed for the same items: target audience definition, forming the key properties of the product, where you plan to put emphasis, competition assessment.

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Rebranding. Where to begin?

  • brand Audit

A careful study of existing problems, identification of strengths and weaknesses, Assessment masshatabnosti planned changes.

  • Auditing and processing of brand platform

The platform is a clear set of rules, according to which there is a brand.

Audit processing and includes such blocks:

  • competitive environment analysis;
  • CA exact definition;
  • revealing the uniqueness of the brand;
  • analysis of existing policies using the product and opt for the actual;
  • niche definition, takes brand;
  • the establishment of basic principles in communication strategy.

The result of this phase acts as the terms of reference, which is exactly the specified direction, wherein brand development will occur in the future.

  • Development of the visual component of the brand

Work on the amendments to the corporate identity attributes, drawn up on the basis of the previous stage TK.

There are no strict rules, relating to the scale of the changes: sometimes with just a few strokes, in other cases, a global perabotka. All depends on the brand evaluation obtained in the present competitive environment.

  • Development of a communication strategy

The purpose of this strategy - to identify ways the reports before the final buyer of the results of the brand changes, and the formation of long-term rules of communication with the target audience.


Necessary steps are the:

  • Posts formulation for the broadcast audience;
  • the development of creative media- and PR strategies;
  • definition of the most effective tools for promoting;
  • drawing up a long-term schedule of various activities, aimed at promoting the brand.

implementation of changes

Key objectives of this phase:

  1. Fully informed about current state of the principles of the brand.
  2. replacement documents, exterior advertising media, aways…

risks rebranding

The main risk of re-branding of the company could be the money spent, time and resources, without achieving the desired result.

common errors, to avoid

  1. No marketing strategy, Lack of clarity about the mission and goals of the company.
  2. Insufficient level of responsibility in marketing research, insufficient attention to the customer reaction to the test and share sale, or lack thereof.
  3. Vector investing funds aimed at the reconstruction of the brand, while there is savings in the internal structure and mechanisms (trainings and workshops for employees).
  4. The absence of the key values ​​of the brand.
  5. Incorrect implementation of the updated brand, ill-conceived program for the launch of the brand or program plan.

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How much is the rebranding of the company?

The cost of re-branding to a large extent depends on the resources, available to the Agency. So, if it owns its own technology and constantly improving their, it affects the price of services.

Received a proposal on the implementation of the re-branding of "inexpensive" may by:

  • agencies, offers customers a fast and cheap solution template, but in this case rely on the uniqueness and competitive advantage is not necessary;
  • from a young, growing organization, ready to dumping in order to attract customers. But to cope with the huge task, as the re-branding of large companies, novice agency will be very difficult.

The rebranding of the company. examples

  • Best rebranding

Inspiring example illustrates the successful rebranding Korean manufacturer art Goldstar. AT 1995 year, nearly 40 Anniversary of the founding, management decides to bring the enterprise to a new level. The world was brand LG Electronics, whose logo is becoming internationally recognized and deciphered, as "Life is good".

  • worst rebranding

AT 1997 year, marketers of British Airways, counting, that the British are less than 50% of the total number of customers, decide to change its positioning with the British on the global. For this purpose, the name shortened to BA. Rear of the aircraft are painted according to the cultural traditions of the country, where he performs flight.

The creative idea was not justified, and through 4 of the year, brand returns the old version.


The first rule of a successful re-branding - backed by facts confidence in its necessity. After all, the promotion and expansion of the company could very well do without it.

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