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How to create a marketing Landing?

The successful development of business in a highly competitive environment - a task, It requires the ability to competently apply effective marketing tools. an excellent solution, able to give the desired results to improve sales growth, attract new customers, productive advertising campaigns, acts Landing Page. Many advantages odnostranichnika-site makes it convenient and effective way to develop business on the Internet.

What is a Landing Page?

The term "Landing Page" in the translation from English means landing, landing page. These pages are designed taking into account the psychology of the visitors, they are designed to "catch" and hold their attention until the moment of action expected of them - the registration or purchase.

From a technical point of view, Landing - site, comprising all the elements, present on a normal web resource, but consisting of one page, with marketing - an effective tool for obtaining contact details of potential customers.

From visitors, Landing - a one-page website, for which he has passed on the link in the advertisement or search engine.

Create high-quality marketing landing page - not easy, but it is implemented by the task, requires compliance with certain rules.

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Benefits Landing

  1. Provided the orientation of its CA, well-organized advertising and promotion, Landing Page Conversion is much higher, than conventional web resources.
  2. Due to simplicity, Landing site can prepare to work and run in a matter of hours, and to make changes to published information takes minutes.
  3. landing page (Landing) exhibit high download speed even for devices with weak Internet, due to which the visitor will not have to waste time waiting.
  4. Using Landing increases the effectiveness of contextual advertising.
  5. Correct landing page - a high-performance tool, bringing results and then, when the visitor has not made a purchase. In most cases, people leave their Pin, which makes it possible to form a base, and by e-mailing from time to time to remind them about yourself.
  6. Properly created landing page – examples, how to increase sales, even with low-quality primary web resource.
  7. With a low cost development odnostranichnika, which in itself is an advantage, with its help it is possible to estimate and analyze the scope and feasibility of Internet sales.

Landing types and their purpose

Modern Internet marketers are the following types of landing pages:

  • microsites

They are small in terms of web-based resources (no more than five pages), advertising design. As for the filling, they contain vivid pictures, Pictures, videos, and a minimum of text. Despite, they are autonomous, microsites inseparably linked with the main resource.

  • independent Landing

Act completely independent of commercial or viral projects. outwardly appear, as a promotional offer in expanded form with the active promise to action (of registration, subscription, purchase, download). Landing this type, due to ease of advertising, It is the most popular form of, but it is problematic in seo optimization.

  • page website

Whichever direction nor was the site, landing page can be arranged on one of its pages. This option is used less often, Although this type of landing page is easy to plug and settings for basic queries of search engines.

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How do marketing landing page? Requirements for Landing Page

The main requirements to lendingovym pages, where non-compliance, threatens the loss of some customers, are the following:

  • The value proposition

Best selling Landing different from hundreds of others, less successful, the presence of a unique selling proposition for the customer. If it is not, or it does not differ from those, offered by competitors, achieve something of interest in Central Asia will not be possible even with the best landing page design.

  • visualization

Visual perception of attractive pictures - a huge incentive to perform a specific action by the client. Marketers should be located on the first screen of the large high-quality pictures, that emphasize the strengths of the promoted product, and would allow them to consider in detail. With proper feeding, picture sells more effective words.

  • perspicuity

Examples Landing with high conversion are simple, brevity and clarity. The main message, addressed to the visitor, it should be clear and not raise questions about what, that he offered to make. If we are not talking about a niche target audience, it is not necessary to use complicated terminology.

  • structured

Very important, To sell page structure was logical and coherent. It is this, It brings the visitor to the implementation of the main action - checkout. If the landing page consists of unconnected individual blocks, you should not rely on the execution site of its main functions.

  • consistency

Message on a banner or contextual advertising should overlap with the proposal lendingovym, which will get visitors after clicking on the ad. If this line is not obvious from the first seconds, people have an idea, that they are being deceived, or they are "wrong address".

A step by step process of creating a Landing

  1. Writing selling text.
  2. Creating design.
  3. layout.
  4. Programming client side.
  5. Creating admin panel.
  6. Posting on the Internet.

It should look like selling Landing? Elements of the landing page structure

an effective website (landing page) characterized by a well-thought structure and availability of required elements:

  1. Title / explanatory title / descriptor, which set forth the competitive advantages of the product and the benefits of cooperation with you.
  2. graphic component (bright photos / illustrations in large format, allowing to consider the details).
  3. Complete descriptions.
  4. Call for targeted action (He must be the only, it is not necessary to overload the visitor a variety of proposals).
  5. elements, reinforcing the call to action (term restricted stock, special discounts, coupons, etc.).

Design marketing Landing. Ideas for Landing


According to the results of authoritative research, the vast majority of visitors to a site within the first three seconds, decide on an interesting and useful for them this resource.

In this way, a key design challenge acts "attention grabbing" User. To achieve this goal, Design should be created so, to convey to the visitor the two posts:

  • there is a solution to his problem;
  • everything is clear, accessible and quickly.

With regard to the color and styling, then there is no uniform recommendations. the main thing, to Landing Page CA evoked pleasant associations.

designers Landing

Designers lendingovyh sites are online services, which are used to create them. The most popular platforms today, which are ideally suited for self-assembly are the following quality odnostranichnikov: etching, Connect the, Wix, LPgenerator, uCoz, PlatformaLP, Ucraft, LPMotor, Flexbe, Mobirise.

How to estimate conversion Landing?

Conversion - a key indicator of the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. In the context of Internet marketing conversion Landing is determined by calculating the percentage of users visits, ending on the action target, of the total. Under the target of an implied purchase,, execution of an application, jump to a specific page on your site, obtaining Lida.

How to increase conversion Landing?

Best selling Landing - landing page, showing a high conversion. This indicator is influenced by many factors:

  • quality and credibility of the text content;
  • designed page structure;
  • benefits promoted product;
  • prices, displayed on the site;
  • high speed page load, correct display in different browsers, including on mobile devices;
  • quality traffic.

Successful examples of selling Landing Page show special attention to the honing of each of these factors, It has a positive effect on improving the conversion.

How do marketing Landing? Tips on creating a landing page

  • In the title, highlight the essence.
  • Use explanatory headings. The headings and subheadings should be answers to key questions: What is the benefit of the visitor to cooperate with you? What differentiates you from the competition?
  • Landing must communicate to visitors only the main idea. It is not necessary to overload the page a lot of calls and proposals.
  • use rates, bullety (lists) and other visual elements, to convince a potential customer, who are already interested in the product, this is where to buy it.
  • Observe the balance between text and illustrations, both ways of presenting information are equally important.
  • Marketing Landing must contain testimonials of people about the product and the co-operation with. For visitors it is very important to understand, that you have someone to trust and proved from this benefit!
  • Do not forget about a specific call to action, because for the sake of it and created Landing. The call is placed at the top and at the bottom of the page.


Summing up, we can give the following answer to the question: "What should be sold Landing?» – the, which the:

  • It is aimed at a specific target audience;
  • designed with a deep understanding of the prospect's problems;
  • earnestly, in easy to understand format, It will help the visitor to understand the product and tell, he decides to challenge.

This approach facilitates alignment of confidential communications with representatives of the CA, and minimizes the frustrations percentage of the product.