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How to create your font?

Interesting, and most importantly, unique font - it is part of the design. It can not only attract attention, but also to become one of the top aides in the promotion of its own website, succeed. Unique font - the ability to stand and loudly declare itself. But is it realistic to create it yourself? Let us examine?

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your font: why you should try to come up with?

If you think about, how to make your font, but worried, it is very difficult, first of all, take it easy! Yes, font creation - not an easy process. It's pretty complicated, It takes a lot of effort and nerves, It requires certain knowledge, but the end result, for sure, will bring you calm and pleasure. so, why you should think of your font, even while you are in the know nothing about?

  • It is interesting. And at the same time, you can try out a new activity. Creating a font, a breath of fresh air, because the process is incredibly exciting. Many compare it with meditation.
  • This is a great way to use, the traditional, and electronic resources. After all, the font can be drawn on paper or silk, but you can apply to this computer, or any other gadget. And if you try to move the letters from paper to the computer? This is exciting and helps to develop their capabilities.
  • You begin to draw better. The more letters you write, the best illustrator or artist becomes. With time, you will understand, that your hands will not tremble, and the straight lines become ideal.
  • This is good for your health. medically proven, that when drawing the letters brain starts to work better, and in the body secrete hormones of joy of creating something new.
  • You will be better appreciated in the labor market.
  • Creating new fonts, you will be able to work better with the design, You will be able to apply their knowledge in this.
  • Own fonts is much better to use in their projects. This will increase your status and value of your work.
  • The font can be sold and thus earn.

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How to Get Started?

Inventing a new font - a creative process, which still requires skill, skills and hard work. Getting started is an interesting thing?

  • to understand, how to create a nice font must, first of all, think, to which target audience it is designed. Simply, come up with a brief. Sometimes it is also called mudbod. You need to consider who it will be interesting. You can even in your imagination to draw it, think. clear understanding, specific font purpose, you will be much easier for him to come up with. Although sometimes the newcomers do not reflect on the brief, thus complicating the font creation process.
  • Come up with a font style. You should understand, as it is created you? More geometric or handwritten? It will be used for a large number of documents or for decoration? Serif? Or chopped?
  • When creating a new, not guided by those fonts, that already exist. Invent your right..
  • Begin to draw the font manually. This will help you in the beginning of your activity. Only after, how to master the manual drawing, You can start font computerization.
  • Start creating a font with some characters. Usually, the letters n and o, and H and O. This reference letter. Sometimes I use the word adhencion.
  • If you come up with the font, should be cut around his pen, a form to fill in the marker.
  • select program, which will work. Perfect for this, eg, Glyphs или Robofont.
  • look, how your text will look like in practice. It is not necessary to paint the entire alphabet, enough to make a few letters.
  • Test different font sizes.
  • The text to be printed and to consider it in great detail.
  • Share your time between friends or acquaintances, so that they, too, appreciated his.

Only at first glance it seems, that the creation of the font - it is incredibly difficult. But, important to start this process and take you completely and will not seem quite so difficult and.

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How to create a font?

The process of creating a new font - very exciting action. Although, just on 20 % It is the intensity of emotions and creativity. The rest of the hard work, sometimes monotonous and rigorous.

How to make a nice font? This requires some action sequence, which must be clearly and correctly implemented into life. To start, as we mentioned above, think of the brief. Then you can proceed to action.

Drawing glyphs

The first stage - the most creative part of the work to create a font. It should draw the glyphs. it – characters of a particular font (letters, figures, punctuation marks). The more you draw them, all the better. But much depends on what your intended audience font. You yourself must understand about, number of sections you need to draw.

When you first draw glyphs, start with the most simple. Do not try to immediately set up a complicated font. Let it be concise and perhaps even primitive. To begin with is rendered A-Z, and figures from 0 to 9. And over time, move on to something more complicated.


After that, you draw the font, it needs to be digitized. Usually used for this purpose in the sequence:

  • Scanner
  • photoshop
  • Illustrator

The scanner should be set maximum settings. In Photoshop to make the contrast more and clean up the contours. The illustrator must find a trace, to expose and clean the alphabet letters. Do such "cleansing" is necessary, because otherwise, the font may not work properly, in every way "slow down". Bukovki erase by using the eraser from Astute Graphics or standard pencil, which is in Illustrator. Then it is necessary to prepare a letter to exports.

font assembly

After all these processes, the time comes to collect text. This is to ensure, the letters could be typing on the keyboard. In this process, the letters become a functional and Vector. To do this, choose a good program. Most professionals working with the Glyphs or Fontlab. The font must be exported in the appropriate program.

Adjust font

After exporting the configuration step should be long. It is necessary to make a few basic things:

  • Spacings - should be set negative space on different sides of the letters.
  • Add language support.
  • Create a ligature - different variants of combinations of letters.
  • Kerning - setting the distance between individual letters and their vapors.

This is a rather complex technical stage, which requires special scrupulousness.

testing text

For, To understand how the font you want to test it. To do this, use a special text or randomly news. Further, the font can be tested in different programs. This will help you understand, Whether he is ready, and notice small blots, that can be corrected.

Font, imitating handwriting: is it possible to?

To date, very popular is the font, which is difficult to distinguish from handwriting. This beautifully, and convenient, and original. It really create yourself. Creating a handwriting font several stages:

  • On an ordinary sheet of paper landscape should write all the letters of the alphabet (what exactly, It depends on your needs), figures, other characters. It is necessary to write beautifully, neatly, kalligrafichno.
  • Further, to scan the sheet, where all the characters are written. As well as possible, all fit on a single page.
  • download software, needed to work. The best thing, do it in advance. for example, FontCreator (manufacturer of High-Logic.). Open the. A window, in which you write down the name of the font. Click "OK".
  • Then all letters must be placed on special cells. Depending on the program, you will understand the principle of action. All symbols should be placed. Then we can start testing. To do this, click «F5». You can also go to the «Font - Test…».
  • save the font. Put in folder «C:\WINDOWSFonts». He is ready to work.

Only the first time to make such a font may seem difficult. But, using a simple program, you will be able to "fill the hand", understand the principle of action and carry out such work almost automatically.

Program to create font: 5 best

At present, there are a huge number of free and paid programs for, to come up with your font. each program to create font in its good, but will allocate 5 leaders:

FontLab Studio– very popular program, which is used to design fonts. It is possible to install on Windows and Mac.

Type - it is also very popular among users. With it you can draw even the most complex characters. It is also possible to program the characters by hand, Using a command window.

Fontographer - program, the founder of which is the FontLab. She is a very powerful and popular among users. Set can be on Windows and Mac.

FontStruct - a free program, create a font that is easy and simple. The font can be downloaded and shared in the interior communities.

Glyphr - is also a free program, but it has good capacity. Very well suited for beginners.

Depending on, how seriously do you create fonts, you will choose program. professionals repeat, that there is nothing better than paid programs, but for a beginner, for study should be fine and free resources.

Best fonts

Not all letters are equally suitable for the design of the logo or use in any other activity. But each font - a small piece of art and you can select some of the most beautiful. Selection of the best fonts looks like that:

Without Peace - free font, can give some softness text.

ROBOT - a font supports Cyrillic and Latin alphabet. This geometric font, he has no serif, It has all the necessary characters.

Sant'Elia - This is the font 6 degree of saturation. Beautiful and modern, which is available in normal and rough versions.

FELA - it has a large selection of characters, and also includes alternative glyphs.

COVES - free font. It has normal contours. It can be used for logos and headers.

Vertical - in this font no serif. He is beautiful, modern, brave.

CLOUD WITHOUT - universal font. It does not have serifs. It owns 5 mA Degree of saturation. several grotesque. Some of the types of text available for free.

Qanelas Soft - a nice font, sans-serif. It is modern, several geometric.

BRAVO - the font, having a lot of character, pretty beautiful.

Trocchi - laid, easy font. almost universal.

Bebas New - sans serif font. Very popular. He is versatile and perfect for everything. rather bland, warm, smooth.

VAST SHADOW - font in Victorian style, which gives the impression of elegance and reliability.

Aileron - free font, I do not have serifs.

Klavika - nice, interesting font.

FIBRE - excellent vintage font. He does not have two identical characters.

There are so many fonts, and every day coming up with new. You only need to find one, that fits the specific case and use it.

Tips on creating fonts

To come up with a new font, you need to work hard. But using some of the tips that can make the process easier:

  • No need to immediately try to make a perfect and brilliant font. Start with the simplest.
  • The program for creating fonts – important part of. Pick the, that is right for you. They are very much on the Internet. find your, perfect. Try not to save money, and best of all, download a paid program for good.
  • If you are going to draw the glyphs - do it in a few hours. must, the hand was "stuffed", and this can be achieved, if you work for some time without major interruptions.
  • You should be a good scanner.
  • Before, how to create a font can brush up on the free master- classes, watch the video on the Internet. Now a lot of free programs and courses.

Come up with a new font with the help of modern technologies under the force of each. Programs, that you can download significantly simplify the process. But still, it requires perseverance, work and a great desire.

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