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How to create a signboard? 10 tips for creating effective advertising signs

Each of us, engaging in daily activities and moving on any route, daily encounters on the way a lot of different signs. Some of them cause a keen interest and a desire to enter into, others simply go unnoticed.

Positive impact on the human perception creatively decorated, positive or forcing a smile, signage.

And what impression casually decorated sign with illegible font or boring title? May be, this company and it is quite successful, but want it to become a client? Unlikely. After all, if the first impression of it happened is not the best, and the spirit of the relevant – unobtrusive service and poor quality goods.

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What is a banner advert?

The key task of the most ancient of all existing types of advertising tools, – signage, It aims to bring to his attention of the target audience. After all, the more people will see it, the more likely it is, they make a purchase in the future will become regular customers. To this end, sign should be made large enough and located in such a way, that it was clearly visible not only in the immediate vicinity, but from afar.

It should be understood, that time for, to interest a, Signs have very little - just a few seconds. During this time, people have time to understand, interested in whether his offer or not seen.

A second chance at a first impression will not be, so arrange the advertising sign must be so, to be sure it was some kind of "zest", that she "cling" caused the audience and the desire to meet with the company closer.

The effectiveness of advertising signboards

The sign in itself is a powerful advertising tool, and provided, that in the process of development and manufacturing have been taken into account motivational and psychological needs of the consumer, its efficiency is increased at times.

Among the many factors, directly affect the effectiveness of advertising signs, there are several major:

  • visual access at any time.
  • pleasant, easy to perceive colors and fonts.
  • readability of text information.

design Signs

types of signs

Today, there are many types of signage, which relate to different categories depending on: their size, the volume, the method of placing the letters. The most basic are considered two types of: static and dynamic.

The first is a fixed structure, whose appearance does not change at any time. The static lights can be applied as a supplement to them.

The second type - dynamic signage, equipped with additional elements, create a visual effect of motion, thus attracting the attention of potential customers. In their design twinkling lights can be used, neon lamp, etc..

The process of creating Signs

Production of advertising signs - multistep process, which requires taking into account all the subtleties, concerning both the creative, and technological aspects.

The main stages in the creation of signs are as follows:

  1. Design development and design. At this stage, you need to determine: what information will be placed on the advertising medium, its visual style, form, the size and type, the presence or absence of illumination, etc..
  2. The choice of materials for the manufacture of. The type and quality of materials directly affect the final product presentable, its strength, durability, etc.. Respectively, to a great extent depends on this selection and the final cost Signs.
  3. Directly to the production process. It includes the manufacture not only of the signs, but also the foundations, to which it is attached, as well as all the necessary additional elements: letters, decorative images, etc..
  4. Installation finished signage. This final step must also be trusted skilled, and conducted in accordance with safety regulations.

design Signs

Design development. Guidelines for creating advertising signs

In order to achieve high efficiency of its signage design registration is in no way less important, than the size and quality of materials, which make up the advertising structure.

There are no unimportant details. Value has all: from the choice of font, to be clear, choosy, readable from different angles, and large enough, to the choice of colors, type backlight, etc.. Special attention should be content: it must be different maximum informative and concise delivery, easy to understand, lack of technical terms, and any ambiguity.

cost of

To answer correctly to the question "How much does a banner advert?», should understand, that affect the final estimate.

  • Firstly, materials. Here the price range is very extensive, higher quality - the higher the cost.
  • If each of the stages (design-layout, manufacturing details signboards, etc.) is produced by a single company - for example,, Full service advertising agency, then this option will be cheaper, than cooperation with several different companies or contractors.
  • mounting method. If you hang the sign fails, standing on a ladder, it is a sum, if it is necessary to attract a special technique - a completely different.

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How to legalize sign?

Before, how to install the finished sign, should solve some obligatory questions. First of all, it is about getting the consent of the owners or tenants of the building, on the front of which it will hang. Secondly, according to the Law "On Advertising" for the installation of advertising billboards must obtain permission from the local authorities, issued for a specified period.

But here are some nuances. Not every outdoor signboard falls under the category of advertising structure, so the most correct decision - consult with an appropriate specialist before signs manufacturing, to place it in the future properly.

TOak right to make advertising signboard? General recommendations

Creating effective advertising signs, certainly, creative process, and requires a creative approach. But, at the same time, there are common laws, enforceable. All of them are based on the psychological characteristics of human perception of information. Taking into account the principles and provisions of the, It makes it possible to avoid some of the common errors.

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  • highlight important

Person, lost in thought, and hurrying on urgent matters, notice only that the sign, which itself drew the attention of his. Grasp the meaning of illegible font or letter, merges with a common background, Naturally, no one will. The conclusion is No1 - background should contrast with the text information, in which the compact is embedded main message. Thus it is necessary to observe a measure, – too bright sign, "Knocks" from the general style of the facade and the surrounding architecture, It will be perceived worse.

  • The amount of text and font size

In an effort to attract more customers, certainly, I want to place on your sign full list of services offered, but to do, definitely not worth.

Optimal solution, which will work with maximum efficiency, – compressed to a small basic information, easy to grasp, text, located on the most conspicuous place signage. Equally important is its visual presentation - legible large print contrast relative to the background color. This sign is clearly visible to passers-by not only, including the, who have poor eyesight, but drivers, occupants of a passing vehicle.

  • demonstration status

A very important point, which is necessary to pay attention to each company, striving for success, – confident and worthy feed itself by Signs. Competent development and implementation of this key promotional tool allows you to create the impression among potential customers about the reliability of, success and high status of your company.

Communicating with the designer, which will carry out the order, you need to convey to him the key benefits your company, tell us about the plans for its development and features of the target audience. Sign should be made out according to the status, you want to achieve.

design Signs

  • Style and activity

Color spectrum, which will be used in the design of signs, – factor, directly affects the future sales. Respectively, and to the question of her choice should be approached very wisely. Those or other shades are associated in people with completely different things, therefore, the development of signs to use shades and decorative items, corresponding to the direction of the company.

  • The emotional component

To overstate the importance of the emotional component is difficult, because about half of all purchases are made spontaneously by people, under the influence of positive emotions. When making signs to avoid excessive pathos, because it is associated with high prices, and may deter potential buyers. But outdoor advertising, raises a smile, for most it is very attractive.

  • Use lighting and modern technology

Shops and public facilities, which are not equipped with a sign or outdoor advertising Illuminated, – They lose a lot of potential customers in the dark and in poor visibility conditions. Not only covering elements, but also a variety of innovative technological novelties always attract people of special interest, and work to enhance the positive image of the company.

A professional manufacturer of advertising signs

Because of the constant demand for this type of promotional tool, the market offers a variety of advertising agencies and studios, specializing in providing a wide range of services:

  • Development of signage design layout;
  • making;
  • assemble disassemble;
  • warranty and after-warranty service;
  • the replacement of structural elements.

Most agencies, specializing in the production of advertising signs, designers provide their customers with several layout options to choose from. It was only after the final approval of all parts, It begins the process for its manufacture.

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