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How packaging influences the sale

Packaging product performs several important functions:

  • It protects it from damage during transport and storage;
  • preparing a product for the further implementation and buyer consumption;
  • It informs about the characteristics of the product, and advertising performs mission.

In the modern world, it is the third function of its importance can be considered the main.

The importance of good packaging design

A truly original packaging design able to block them all the shortcomings of the other functions, lifted, even mediocre quality, goods to the rank of the popular and widely sought after!

According to modern marketing, the impact of packaging on the sale of hard to overestimate. Each brand is worth spending effort, to achieve the level of, when the product will sell itself, without additional financial investments in advertising campaigns and other activities.

Modern supermarkets are equipped with counters, where each customer chooses a product of interest on their own, examining existing range. In this situation, the value of the package is key.

What should be the packaging, to ensure a successful sale?

Quality packaging is required to meet a number of criteria:

  • reliably protect its contents from damage;
  • to provide comprehensive information about the product, its composition, characteristics, expiry, include instructions for use;
  • to attract attention, consistent with the brand image;
  • different functionality and ease of use for the end user;
  • suitable for disposal or further use.

Quality of packaging design to a large extent influenced by the perception of a potential buyer of the product. Cheap, carelessly designed packaging, in the eyes of customers will automatically have lower price, even when it comes to expensive and prestigious brand.

  • presentable

The exterior of the package influences the potential customer. Each item has its importance: use color, size and type font, packing…

Color should be pleasant and fit the tastes of the target audience. What makes it easier - the brighter the color, the more exacting and demanding - the minimal number of used colors.

So, eg, box of candies, aimed at children - catchy and multicolor, adults - more restrained. When making level "premium" goods should exercise extreme caution, it is mainly dominated by mono tone, sloping gray shade. Black color automatically adds the product of solidity and making it expensive.

Packaging design air pistols Stalker

  • practical assembly

The immediate impact of the packaging on consumer choice takes place after, as a customer made a purchase. studies and surveys results confirm, that most of the customers come back again to the manufacturer, to provide them with quality packaging. Conclusion: emphasis on quality and practicality packaging, trade mark itself leaves a good impression, and returns again most of the buyers.

Selling packaging takes on a number of functions in the promotion of, chief among which are the:

  1. The expression of the brand identity

Subconscious effect on the consumer packaging indisputably. Its design is strongly associated with the quality of the product, separating from competitive products. Good Example illustrates TM Milka, one of the first used for the registration of color packaging, uncharacteristic for the chocolate industry: purple and white. Present in the design of the cow generates a strong association with the naturalness of the ingredients used in the manufacture.

  1. Making the brand more unique features

Well-designed packaging is not only a great way to design product, but also an effective tool to enhance its value, underlining its individuality. In the history of marketing known cases, when a beautiful product packaging together with visual and auditory means becoming a trademark.

  1. brand promotion

Modern realities of self-selection of goods in the supermarket buyers are, that human interaction with the packaging while viewing the available range of specific products only lasts 0,20 seconds. During this time, the buyer should be tempted to stop for a more detailed study it. Packaging is required to carry an interesting message to buyer: a better price or product on offer original new market.

  1. Protect your brand

Another important function of packaging is to protect the brand. The more carefully it is designed using the original packing material, design solutions, method of applying an image, mikroşriftov, bulk stamping, holograms, etc., the harder it is to fake.

In this way, packaging fulfills several important roles at different stages of interaction with her customers:

  • at the stage of selecting interesting goods - advertising medium, allowing to get a first impression about the product;
  • at the time of purchase decisions - seller, drawing attention to the product, and creating a positive impression of the TM;
  • at the final stage, during use of the product, package should serve as confirmation of the correctness of the choice made and the expectations.

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Indicators of good packaging

Good packaging sells, answering a few basic principles:

  • preferences

When you create a package should be based on realistic expectations and preferences of consumers, which is why the target audience qualitative research are very important;

  • Attention

Attracting the attention of buyers at the stage of choosing a product is the goal No1. Packaging design is the main tool for achieving this goal., which represents a detail judicious combination of several factors:

  • colors;
  • shape;
  • Images;
  • material;
  • text information.

branding, registration, design, machines, cars, concrete mixers, company, MONOLITH

This combination makes it possible to draw attention to the first package, after which the product and.

  • Visibility

Packing size, its color scheme, used material – All these factors should work cohesively to one main goal: make product visible to the buyer, and set it apart from competing products.

Successful packaging design. examples

A good example of the unique packaging design is a living beer premium Gold Mine. As known, unfiltered beer shelf life is low, and drew the brand product in its lack of dignity, create custom packaging, imitating svezhenapolnenny drink a glass of bubbly. Subconsciously, the buyer there is an association with the refreshing taste of draft beer, and impressed, that it is in the pub. Original bottle had a dramatic contrast to the usual beer packaging, and the product with great speed "fly away" from the shelves.

Phenomenal success in sales due to the well established package boasts TM Whiskas. "Highlight" of the updated packaging design was an indication of the age of the pet, increase in cat food images and photos, large print and flashy colors. This solution enables the buyer in seconds, for which he shall decide in favor of a particular product, receive full information about the product and the confidence, his cat to get a quality and proper nutrition.

How to pack the goods for sale? Recommendations to improve the packaging

Drawing up a portrait of your target audience - the task No1. At its base will be formed "language" to communicate with the buyer: color spectrum, the shape and size of the package, text message, etc..

  • Creating a Unique Selling Proposition. At this stage, allocate all, even the smallest, the customer benefits from the purchase of the product, then cross out those, which also offer competitors.
  • Writing understandable offera CA - Benefit List, they receive, opting for this product.
  • Call to action!
  • Testing a dozen variants of the fourth and fifth paragraph, because "guess" can not be an effective lever.
  • The use of amplifiers. Emotions - a crucial factor in sales.


Brand can offer unique quality product at a good value, but if it is "hidden" in unattractive packaging, the probability of successful sales approaches zero.

The ability to present the right product - art, possession of which, opens limitless prospects, and see how huge the impact of packaging on the market success of the product!

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