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The best CMS for the creation of a small website

Big mistake companies, belonging to the category of small businesses, It is their rejection of the creation of a site. Marketing Use only social networking tools or offline advertising, It deprives them of the increase in the customer base, and as a consequence - the possibility of profit. The most common cause of failure from your own site, fear of becoming solid cost to develop it, and misunderstanding, that the development of small business is effective even the most simple one resource.

Business site – Web resource commercial orientation, used to familiarize potential customers with the products or services, offered by the site owner. The main purpose of this site - user appeal, Contact details, as well as raising awareness of the company.

In order to achieve this goal requires a competent site development, and the use of a properly sized CMS.

CMS - Content Management System, engine for website.

Advantages of business sites

  • effective method for attracting new clients and partners;
  • opportunity to present their own company;
  • everyone has the ability to find information of interest about the company: Types of offered goods / services, Contact details, address, location map etc.;
  • Hour advertising channel to attract customers;
  • low cost of development.

site development

The cost of the layout design, concept, sketch in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Creating a project in St. Petersburg.

price: from 20 000p. time: from 5 days


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Which engine to choose for a small website? requirements, put forward to the cms

  • Technical requirements

When choosing the optimal variant cms should be considered, that some of them place high demands on resources, including at a minimum attendance. Consequences of acts slow performance and low speed of loading pages, which is detrimental to such serious moments, the conversion and site rankings.

  • Technical support

While in search of an answer to the question, What is the best free engine for a small website, should pay attention to such an important factor, as a technical support. In some cases, company-developer specialists provide free help with some problems, arise with the functionality of, in others, Technical support is limited to only update versions and eliminating errors in the product, other issues need to be addressed through self-referral to a specialist, and payment for his services.

site development

  • The availability of design templates, modules

Another important characteristic of cms for a small website that acts, how easy and quickly possible to establish a ready template, changing its exterior design beyond recognition. Some popular platforms allow to do it for a few minutes. The peculiarity of the other acts that, that this work is necessary to attract specialist, and accordingly pay for his services.

We must not forget that, Some engines for sites offer many design options, with adaptive layout.

  • Easy administration panel

Defined with CMS embodiment, it is wise to take the opportunity to test the demo, to independently assess the functional, which has an administrative panel interface. Important, the platform is simple and has an intuitive for people, do not have special education and skills.

Otherwise, to create new pages, management and regular content updates, You have to hire staff in the professional administrator.

  • Versatility

This characteristic cms, It indicates the possibility of using this engine to develop Internet resources of various kinds, as well as the level of difficulty.

  • Speed

This parameter is of great importance, because it may be for many users of the site is slow loading pages inadmissible.

  • SEO-friendly

Simple cms for a small site must meet another criterion - the support of key features SEO-optimization. According to the requirements of search engines, Optimizing a web resource has a direct impact on its visibility in the search and, ultimately, attendance, which in turn, It is a key factor for any website, and especially commercial.

  • scalability

Scalability implies the system is ready to operate at high load, and its ability to increase the productivity of additional resources proportionally.

The best CMS for the creation of a small website

Best simple engine for a small website has a clear definition of: CMS, fully meet the requirements of the site, not having a functional excess, easy to administer, It has the potential to scale.

О cms

To date, the vast majority of sites personal or commercial created on one of the following engines: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, NetCat, HostCMS или Opencart. All of them have thousands of fans, consider their own choices, certainly, best.

Strengths and weaknesses of the popular cms

For an objective selection cms, it makes sense to understand the distinctive features, pros and cons of each of them.

WordPress - the most popular platform, having an open code. It operates about one-third of the total number of sites around the world. It is characterized by ease of installation, intuitive controls, vast potential settings and extended functionality, by means of special software modules. According to the number of available extensions, this engine is superior, any other.

Site card on wordpress is simple in terms of content management, understandable visual editor and the ability to preview the final document.

The number of fans of the CMS clear, because it meets all the above requirements, except for technical support, because it acts as an open software.

Joomla - an example of a platform, which optimally met the relationship between ease of use and customization capabilities. However, business card site to Joomla for the person without special knowledge will be much more difficult to master, than a similar web -Resource by WordPress.

Drupal. On this engine, as in previous, You can create the best business card site, since it is characterized by stability and scalability. The platform is suitable for the development of web-resources of the various types and levels of complexity. Provided the proper optimization provided by the ability to withstand the highest levels of traffic.

By cons include a much smaller selection of design templates, in comparison to WordPress and Joomla, as well as the, that for a beginner, not having appropriate skills and expertise, This platform is not suitable, because it requires serious development.

NetCat - easy to use CMS, which is provided with special design layouts for controlling.

HostCMS - easy-to-manage platform, has many additional modules.

Opencart - engine for website, characterized worthy functional, simple and intuitive administration panel. Open platform code allows you to develop the necessary modules.

Tips for Choosing: what CMS is better for a small website?

  • WordPress – an ideal platform for the development of business sites, infoproektov and blogs.
  • CMS Joomla has been successfully applied to simple one page websites, but this option is quite difficult to manage. This engine makes sense to use for web resources, aimed at the sale through the site,
  • Drupal - the perfect solution for large and complex in structure and functional sites. The engine is more suitable for companies, ready to take on the staff of professional administrator for CMS.
  • NetCat - a versatile engine, for creating sites of various kinds and levels of complexity.
  • HostCMS well suited, for websites, business cards, and for online stores.
  • Opencart - universal version, which you should use for the development of a single-site, or a large-scale project, portal, online shop.


In order to make an informed and considered decision as to whether, a content management system to create a small website to give preference, should understand that, which parameters are currently the largest value. Interface administrative panel, functionality, convenience or cost of development?