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Design and development of games

Design and development of games

Creating characters and levels for games. design backgrounds, weapons and transport to games. character sketch. Developing games for the PC platform, PlayStation, Xbox, Android, iOS.

price: from 30 000p. time: from 5 days

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Design backgrounds and weapons for the game

Video games are now one of the most sought-after, effective ways of doing business. Qualitatively designed game can bring significant profit to its creator. The process of its development extremely entertaining: it allows you to create an entire universe, a new reality gaming. Therefore, the most important thing when development and game design - do it all, to a product like gamers, caused great interest.

experienced designers working in our company, professionals, that will cope with the task of any complexity, will be able to create a colorful product, It works equally well on a variety of platforms - from the "Android" to iOS. Order to develop and design games - means, select high income and an interesting way to make money!

Why games?

The main objective, which decides the development of games - is the creation of a holistic, stylish and unusual products, which will be in demand in the entertainment industry. Today, smart phones and computers used by millions of users every day around the world. High-quality video game, working on mobile platforms, on PCs and laptops, as well as on other devices, able to perform several important tasks:

  • Monetization allows to bring good income to the creator of the game;
  • if the game is being developed by the well-known, the placement of the logo and other symbols of the company enhances customer loyalty to the company, It creates a positive image of the company;
  • with the help of advertising within the game, you can quickly move the company's operations or a particular product / service.

It is important to note, that not one person will work on the creation of video games, a web development team, designers, who will appreciate the features of the game, come up with an interesting plot, unique heroes. Only with this approach, which is ready to provide the company "Insight", will create an exclusive product, able to enrich its customer.

Developing character and ship game

How we are working

Developing a video game, adapted for a variety of platforms (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Android, iOS), It includes a significant number of steps, key among them tit:

  • development concept of the game;
  • the creation of the game's plot;
  • creation and design of characters for a future project;
  • thinking through the game levels;
  • backgrounds design, weapons and transport to games;
  • animating characters, etc..

By working together, you get a fully competitive, holistic, unusual product, copyrighted and owned by you. We guarantee flawless and quick execution of tasks of any complexity.

creating characters for games Sketch of a character for a game Level design and characters for games