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Creating a multilingual site: translation of more than 100 languages

Internet space captures virtually every corner of the planet. Today, eg, while in the Netherlands, you can visit the online portal of the Tretyakov Gallery. This leads to, that there is a need to adapt to a variety of users, expand the range of target audiences - including, by attracting customers from abroad.

Therefore, today there is a tendency to focus on the international market of web resources. From this the necessity faced by most online stores, corporations, producers, etc.. Therefore, the translation of websites helps to promote manufactured goods or services offered, increases the prestige and recognition of the company, It allows you to attract new partners, sponsors, investors, etc.. As practice shows, multiyazycheny site - is the key to competitiveness, efficiency and success of your business.

Order translation resource is always possible for an advertising agency "Insight". We professionally and in a short time to perform even the most complex website translation (automatic or Professional) and we will help you get up to the level of ongoing development!

Who needs translation sites?

Translation sites - this instantaneous expansion of the target audience. With this feature, the Internet space faced by many companies, among which stand out:

  • online shopping;
  • international companies (eg, providing services to international freight);
  • travel agencies and many other businesses.

Localization of the site allows you to attract new customers, sponsors, raise awareness of the product, work on his reputation. can say, it is your right hand in the race for traffic - the most valuable online resource.

Site translated into French

Website translation into French https://insig.ru/fr/

Site translated into Italian

Website translation into Italian https://outdoor-365.ru/it/

Website translation into Georgian

Website translation into the Georgian language https://olegs.ru/ka/

Why you should order a translation sites?

Enough to translate the site into English, and now we can say, that you work for an international audience. Translation of the website - it's always convenient and prestigious, It is always beneficial, because:

  1. simple perception. Significantly more likely, that the client, Visitor to the site and who saw the information in your own language, interested and will remain on for longer page, than if faced with a necessity to translate (albeit with the help of an automatic system, eg) interesting fragments.
  2. Improve advertising efficiency. If you locate a site, it can be translated to the native language including advertising, Design and SEO, and therefore, advertising portal that returns increase significantly.
  3. Website translation - this is a manifestation of respect for the client, a foreigner, contributing to the increase of its cultural identity.
  4. Improved company image - eventually, international multilingual site - it's always an opportunity to emphasize the prestige of the company and form a solid reputation for her.

Creating a multilingual site: Features of our work

Working with multilingual sites is very difficult. Unfortunately, there is no magic button, "all at once", which will instantly translate the site or localize it. The agency "Insight" can offer several translation options:

  • automatically translate pages;
  • translation by granting full access to the site or links to your website;
  • Translation of individual raw materials (graphics, multimedia, text) with translation resetting file.

In the process, our experts are guided by the following principles:

  • in the localization always take into account the specific perception of the site by native speakers;
  • we check the saving layout, We help with adaptation to the site translated materials;
  • carefully comply with all requests for translation, We are taking this company glossary, thrifty use of terms; if necessary, professional translation, we have the world's experts and rare languages, carriers, translation that adapt to the culture of their country.

We always go to meet you and offer transfer options to suit every budget and taste. Allow yourself to be successful!

Our advantages

Advertising agency "Insight" – is a company full cycle. You can order the translation of your website into foreign languages ​​and get results in a short time. We appreciate your time and offer a truly high-quality work at a reasonable cost. Among the advantages of the treatment is to provide to us:

  1. affordable. Discounts for corporate clients, flexible prices: we'll show you, how you can save on translation, without losing its quality!
  2. We are working with sites in any format, perform automatic quality checking website localization at all stages of the resource.
  3. We work with the world's languages (English, Spanish, French, etc.), and the more rare languages, eg, Hebrew. You can order both site translation into a foreign language, and the localization of foreign language.
  4. If you need a professional translation, we are ready to bring professional-native speaker, who better adapts project, its advertising structures, etc..
  5. Applications for site localization can be left around the clock - at any time request and specialists will contact you at a convenient time.
  6. The term of a minimum - we can translate the site in a period of 5 days!

Professional website translation It is now available to everyone. Please contact "Insight", and make the resource efficient and accessible to everyone!

All pages are made with a unique url link type www.adresvashegosayta.ru / en / multiply that promotion and automatically sliding it around the world go country-specific. A list of languages ​​with flags in the style of your site in a convenient place. In the transition to other pages language is not lost. It is possible to book an automatic and professional website translation, online store or portal.

We can translate the site into Russian, English, Deutsch, French, Italian, Chinese, Chinese Simplified, Japanese, Spanish, African, Albanian, Armenian, Arab, Belorussian, Azerbaijani, Bengal, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Philippine, Finnish, Georgian, Greek, Haitian, Hawaiian, ivrit, Indian Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Canadian, Kazakh, MFA, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Luxembourgish, Macedonian, Maltese, Mongolski, Nepali, Norwegian, Persian, Romanian, Scottish, Serbian, Slovenian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Udmurt, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Jewish, Mayan, Zulu and other.

Site translated into Greek

Website translation into Greek https://sovde.ru/el/

Site translated into English

Website translation into English www.adinsight.ru/en

Site translated into Japanese

Website translation into Japanese https://outdoor-365.ru/ja/

Site Armenian translation

Website translation into Armenian https://olegs.ru/hy/


Site translation in Indian Hindi

Website translation into Indian Hindi https://insig.ru/hi/

Website translation into German

Website translation into German https://sovde.ru/de/

Website translation into Arabic

Website translation into Arabic http://adinsight.ru/ar/

The cost of the layout design, concept, sketch in Russia, St. Petersburg and Moscow. Creating a project in St. Petersburg.

price: from 20 000p. time: from 5 days

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