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Examples of excellent design packages for tea

Tea falls into the category of popular and frequently used products, purchased by most people at least once a month. To date, the market offers a huge number of varieties of this drink, offers a variety of manufacturers in a variety of packages.

Packaging - a major factor, which first of all pay attention to potential customers, deciding on the choice in favor of a tea. Average, people spend 7 seconds to, to form their own impression of the brand, and decide which specific product to buy.

Based on the foregoing,, it becomes clear, how important is the development of tea packaging design.

Quality packaging copes with the following functions:

  • the absolute safety of the goods during transport, prevent the possibility of mechanical damage, as well as the deterioration of tea due to the effects of precipitation;
  • content insulation from contact with air, humidity, ultraviolet absorption and a foreign odor;
  • practicality - lightness and strength;
  • The optimum ratio of price and quality;
  • the possibility of applying the advertising information directly on the package at the lowest cost.

Besides, very important, so that it copes with the advertising function: He attracted the attention and aroused the interest of buyers, enhance product recognition and unobtrusively showed characteristics of tea, inside the, and its benefits.

price: from 30 000p. time: from 15 days

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tea packaging design

During the development of tea packaging design should rely following factors:

  • price segment products;
  • the target audience of consumers;
  • brand positioning;
  • formulation of a unique selling proposition.

Tea is divided into loose and packaged. The second is considered to be less quality, his preference for tea in the office and while traveling. But, is not any tea bags inferior in quality sheet, many consumers give preference to him because of the convenient size and ease of brewing process. They are willing to pay for a quality product in an attractive package.

In the process of packaging design, it is important to understand what emotions should cause product, establish communication with the audience, clearly define and set out clear, catchy messages.

It must be remembered, that the packaging - it is not only sealing product, but the process of unpacking. And facilities during the opening and use no less important, than stylish appearance. Excellent packaging - that, which is not only pleasing to the eye, but comfortable.

tea packaging design

Current trends in the design of tea packaging

  1. Maximum ease. Motto: focus on important tasks and avoiding unnecessary.
  2. Long-term use. This direction is a successful combination of care for the environment and the desire to extend the life of the packaging. Creating a very nice package, manufacturer is the desire of the buyer to enjoy it and do not want to throw away.
  3. A very popular trend today - the use of a large amount of white in the design of tea packaging. It is associated with peace and serenity - the, which it is also a prerequisite for the perfect tea.
  4. Hand made. The fashion for organic and handmade every year more firmly holds the leading position on the market. The idea of ​​using handwritten etiquette, cozy home design, kraft paper and various images of nature emphasize the naturalness of the product.
  5. Children's line. According to the results of recent studies, currently, children are more likely to take an active part in the decision to purchase a particular product. That is why many companies are launching separate children's line of adult products.

tea packaging design tea design

Varieties of tea packages

  1. Cardboard box

Option manufacturing packing from cardboard food is very popular among tea producers, belonging to the middle price segment. Such a solution is widely used for packaged and loose products.

  1. Paper bag

Another common type of packaging, often used for loose tea. The product retains its taste and aroma, being in it no more than a few months. If desired, a longer storage tea, it should be pour into a metal container with a tight-fitting lid.

  1. Can

This type of packaging has the third highest prevalence. Most often it is used for the packaging of high-end tea or as a gift pack. For the manufacture of the packaging is perfect good food tin plated, It does not oxidize with time and preserves the original flavor of tea for a long time.

  1. ceramic bank

This embodiment is one of the most expensive solutions, among existing. The ceramic Bank offers luxury teas, which retain their aroma and flavor characteristics for a long time. The only drawback is the fragility, because of which there are difficulties with transportation.

  1. Wooden box

Boxes made of natural wood - the oldest form of packaging of tea products, used since ancient times. The boxes were made of certain types of wood and varnished. Currently, wooden packaging for tea masters are made from different kinds of wood, including exotic, pre-exposing the wood thoroughly dry.

  1. Plastic bags

Only one of the existing types of packaging for tea, It is this product enemy. In such packaging tea leaves suffocate and spoil. Buy tea in a plastic bag can only in the event, when there is credible information, that tea leaves collected just yesterday from the plantation.