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Branding company: all available methods and tools

The realities of today's market are, that absolutely any industry there are competing companies, which represent an incredible assortment of goods and services. This situation compels each of the market participants to fight for "a place under the sun", or, otherwise talk, for each customer.

Before making a major purchase, potential customers pay attention not only the heading and its characteristics, but also to the trademark, where it was released.

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brand promotion

The first priority of any company, who decided to take a strong position in selected niche should be the promotion of the brand. It is important to understand, that the true purpose of the complex of marketing actions - not the pursuit of instant “leap” selling, and creating a recognizable brand, With her unique qualities, positive image not only for the target audience, but also for society as a whole.

What is the essence of the brand and branding?

For clarity necessary to identify the difference between the two key concepts - "brand" and "branding".

Brand - well-formed image of the brand as a result of complex promotion.

Branding - the process itself, comprising the formation of the brand and its promotion.

Purpose of brand promotion

Properly built branding can effectively solve a number of important tasks:

  • strengthen the recognition of the company;
  • create its positive reputation;
  • attract new customers and expand existing audiences;
  • increase the loyalty and interest of potential buyers.

The ultimate goal of ongoing activities within the framework of branding - sales increase. Important clear statement of specific indicators, to be achieved at the end of brand promotion process.

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Stages of brand promotion

The process of launching into the market the new brand and its further advancement, It is an extensive program, which consists of the stages, implemented in sequence. Successful achievement of the ultimate goal - the result of the literate each.


At this stage, experts conduct various studies and collect diverse information, which will act as a base for future activities. At the planning stage also evaluates brand, its features and benefits, and competitor analysis.

As part of the planning is done and setting targets. The basis are the data, obtained in the course of investigations.

The strategy of promoting the brand

The development of brand strategy - a process, in the course of which is determined by a number of parameters of interest: market and potential customers, on which it will focus, as well as the current phase of development of the brand.


The step of determining the necessary budget, each of the points of the previously drawn up plan lends itself to individual consideration. Specialists carry out detailed calculations, make estimates and further effective planning continues, then developed strategy realize.

The choice of effective tools

The term "branding tools" refers to a variety of marketing techniques, which include the creation of Service Center, Professionally Decorated, building long-term and mutually beneficial relations with investors.

Efficiency mark

This step is the final. It involves summarizing and evaluating the effectiveness of all previous events, and determining the level of quality and achieve the objectives.

Channels of brand promotion in the Internet

The key to the successful execution of each of the key points of the branding process is their phased introduction. Today, there are quite different methods of realization conceived, but most of today's progressive companies are guided by digital-branding.

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SEO marketing

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective tools for promoting, whose purpose applications – conclusion of a site on the top positions in search engines for keywords. If successful website takes one of the lines in the top 10, thereby greatly enhancing the company's image and enhance the influx of new visitors.

Unlike banner and contextual advertising, SEO Marketing can increase the number of unique visitors to the site with a relatively small financial investment.

contextual advertising

Brand promotion on the Internet with the use of contextual advertising has one indisputable advantage, which is the maximum orientation to its target audience and a chance to increase the awareness of the TM in the short term.

Mediynaya advertising

We are talking about audio- and video materials, image / interactive banners, which can be successfully placed on various Internet sites.


SMM - an incredibly popular tool, clever use of which helps implement effective brand promotion. Firms all sorts of activities to create an account in social networks, organize themed community, Groups and Forums. context of the page is filled having interest to the user text, a photo- and video.

viral marketing

This term refers to proliferation of advertising messages in the progression, close to the geometrical. And not the persons concerned are the main disseminators of information, and the recipients of its own. Such a phenomenon is achieved through the creation of such content, which is able to interest and “hook on” Recipients of information your creative idea or PRIVATE MESSAGE.

content marketing

Brand Promotion, aimed at creating relevant content in order to attract the target audience and further build trust relationships.

SERM (reputation in the network management)

SERM – this type of activity, aimed at creating and maintaining favorable information field of the company or brand on the Internet. The image speaks basis, which should be carried out to build advertising and marketing activities.

Advertising campaign

Part of the marketing strategy, which is held in perfect, according to the results of the study,, and is aimed at specific consumer audience. It is a system of various kinds of promotional activities, united by a common idea and concept to achieve marketing goals.


Another type of marketing communication, related to PR technologies, acts sponsorship. Its essence is, the sponsor, for its part provides information or material support, and in return receives the advertising of their own goods or services, conducive to their popularity, and increase their status.

Formation of a marketing policy

At its core,, marketing strategy is the plan, according to which lines up all the activities of the company to promote their products and services. That it makes it possible to identify the main vectors in the promotion of products and to develop the most effective for this program. As part of the marketing policy made the creation of a rational pricing and drawing up a set of shares.

The excellent results show, and such methods of brand promotion, as the company's participation in thematic exhibitions, presentations and specialized seminars. To maintain and enhance the brand's reputation, large companies also often acts as a sponsor of various events and actively participate in charity events.

Evaluating the effectiveness of promotion

The introduction of a series of events - not a guarantee, that the business will necessarily go into growth. Prerequisite performs tracking, Analysis and comparison of the parameters before and after application of a particular technique.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of the promotion produced in several ways.

Take stock of the Internet helps stats, that tracks:

  • information on the number of page views;
  • evidence, how much time they spend on the site visitors;
  • information on the percentage of return visits;
  • parameters relevant operations;
  • the number of failures.

Common mistakes of brand promotion

  1. The lack of a clear strategy

This error is one of the toughest, which turns the, that the potential audience is a misconception about the brand and the products / services offered to them, considering it more expensive, cheaper or worse, what it is actually.

In the absence of a strategy a lot of money spent on the work of marketing departments, unrelated, holding disparate promotions and advertising activities, pursuing short-term goals.

  1. Lack of feedback from consumers

no one better, than consumers themselves do not know, what they actually need. therefore, not a manifestation of proper attention and interest to communicate with the target audience and its competitors, no interest in holding group discussions, in-depth interviews and other consumer research, lead to, that the goal has not been reached.

  1. Slow response to changes

the company's image, and it occupies a place in the market - is not a constant. To keep and, especially, strengthen the position of the brand must be sensitively monitor constantly the changes. Every day there are new trends and consumer groups. competitors, yesterday will not jeopardize, today "snap off" significant market share, not inferior to your own. In short, implementation of the planned strategy does not eliminate the need for rapid reaction to market developments.

The list of mistakes is extensive, but the most common among them, in addition to the above, act:

  • not brand promotion, a product or service
  • protracted promotions;
  • excessive focus on communication;
  • improper building relationships with agencies.

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