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Developing brand book

Developing brand book

Price and terms: from 9 990g., from 3 days. Brand book - "the book of the brand". This printed publication, which is the intra-document. It is a set of rules describing the main features of the brand, its corporate identity, and the principles of its promotion, his mission, value, Identity, etc.. Development of brand-book, you can order an advertising agency INSIGHT. Our experts will take care of, campaign to the main document has been created professionally and efficiently, He helped all the way of development and has a high practical value.

Main elements 9 990g.:
All versions of the logo (Colour, monochrome, inversion, with the slogan)
The minimum size of the logo
Security logo field
Terms of use of the logo
Corporate colors
Corporate fonts
corporate background
branded items

additional elements:
logo – 14 990p. 4 day
Form style (Colour, fonts, background, elements) – 9 990p. 3 day
Business card – 1 990p.
blank – 1 990p.
Folder – 1 990p.
Package – 1 990p.
The envelope – 1 990p.
Flag (table flag) – 1 990p.
souvenirs (flash drive, a pen, Cup, diary) – 1 990p. to hush.
icons – 7 990p.
presentation template – 7 990p.
Poster (banner, billboard, signboard) – 9 990p. at choice
Branded clothing – 9 990p.
pointers (tablets) – 9 990p.
Template quarterly calendar – 14 990p.
Flip the calendar template 24 990p.
booklet template – 29 990p.
Site template – 29 990p.
car decoration – 29 990p.
Furnishings – 39 990p.

Samples and price brand book in PDF

Etalon-Optic-Brandbook-02 Etalon-Optic-Brandbook-04

Developing brand book Etalon-Optic. Download brand book in PDF.

Creating a brand book

brandbook allows: – cooperate with different designers, marketers advertising agencies, but at the same time remain faithful to a single style; -It helps to stick to the general concept of, not lose its characteristics over time; – It helps to significantly save time and effort when creating a new advertising product for the company. Developing brand book includes several stages:

  • Gather the required information about the company-customer, its position in the market, target audience analysis, competitors;
  • The study of corporate identity (or the creation of such, if you do not already have), the company's goals and objectives, its features, its mission
  • Formation of all items of brand book, all his rules, with customer approval;
  • brand book design in accordance with the corporate style and layout of the publication;

Brand Guide - a confidential document, he personally transferred to the customer. В брендбуке должны быть представлены: – миссия и философия компании, – ценности бренда, -основные моменты айдентики то есть узнаваемости, идентификации бренда, – описание методов передачи сообщения, каналов. Помимо перечисленного в брендбуке могут быть указаны описания различных элементов фирменного стиля: business cards, forms, business documents, of leaflets, directory, booklets, packing, ценников, сувенирной продукции и так далее. В брендбук может быть внесено абсолютно все, что касается норм и правил компании, вплоть до особенностей общения сотрудников с клиентами. Цена брендбука: Стоимость брендбука зависит от количества его составляющих, the degree of development, number concepts. Calculate the price of brand-book creation, in each case individually.

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