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Development of packaging design Coffee

Coffee - a special tonic, which is highly appreciated for its unique taste qualities. Every day the world consumes about 1,6 billion. cups of coffee (64 million. liters), most of all he loved Americans, second place securely holds Germany, Russian fans in total are not included even in the top 20, although no doubt - this is the favorite drink of many Russians.

The cost of the layout design, concept, sketch in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Creating a project in St. Petersburg.

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design coffee

coffee packaging design

packs of coffee design

When designing the packaging of coffee, we seek to bring it to the state, when the buyer can feel the aroma of the drink is not inhaling it, but just walked past the shelves with goods!

What draws the attention of the buyer?

choosing a coffee, the potential buyer does not see the contents of the package, therefore, the design for the coffee package is fundamental. Buyer pays attention to the following details:

  • Color and pattern on the packaging - it is better to use bright colors, because they attract attention at a subconscious level. The picture quality can be used as a company logo, as well as any other picture, which fully transmit information about the contents of the package.
  • Size and texture - the more packaging, all the better, because buyers like to get more, even if part of the package will have to fill air, in general it can not be called cheating, since on the label always have information about the real weight of the product.
  • Fonts and information Urge - a pack of coffee should "speak" with the client, so pack a coffee design is recommended to make concise and clear. The description can be emphasized natural properties of the product, especially collection and processing of raw materials: it is interesting, than the composition of the product and the method of brewing.
  • Ergonomics and comfort - all quality coffee producers will certainly care about the convenience of the coffee packs: comfortable handle, availability of reusable padlock, two-layer coating, ventilation holes on the pack - these details are evident on contact with the packaging.
  • original feed – except for the design of the coffee, important glass design for coffee. These glasses are often used in catering establishments, in major coffee shops, and in fine restaurants. The original design for the cup supplying coffee to attract customers attention, and if he and the contents had to taste, then it becomes a buyer will certainly!

Features of the development of design coffee packs

Before the beginning of the development of design we find out as much as possible the facts about the composition of, the properties and characteristics of the drink, as well as information about the manufacturer, suppliers of raw materials and any research conducted, including basic information, obtained as feedback, and the design and properties of the previous product (if he was).

design coffee, developed by our specialists, It reflects not only the product features, but also conveys an emotional urge potential customers about a special product position and its exceptional properties. That is why, referring to the design of the development of our specialists, you will certainly get an excellent result, and the cost of the work will return to the fold of the first month after the presentation of the product in new packaging.

Price for the project in St. Petersburg. The cost of works in St. Petersburg.

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