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Development of cigarette package design

A well-known fact: marketing strategy of any company is based both on the product properties, and on the package design. It depends on the design of packaging more, eg: whether the product is in demand or not. According to the data from the study, more 70 % all respondents prefer to choose the most striking and original packaging compared with conventional packaging.
Want to, to your product stood out from the competition? contact! We also provide you with an original and eye-catching design of packaging of cigarettes from scratch, based on our own experience, your wishes and market trends.

price: from 30 000p. time: from 15 days

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Дизайн упаковки сигарет Brut

to the design of the cigarette packaging requirements

When designing a pack of cigarettes, we take into account the following fundamental factors:

  • visual appeal: original design package can "speak" with the buyer through the bright flashy colors and image of the caller. The brighter packaging, the more likely, that it falls into the basket of purchases, This effect is better known, how "spontaneous purchase».
  • first touch: a pack of cigarettes must lie perfectly in the hand, all matters: bends, material, outlines.
  • emotionality: packaging should arouse positive emotions buyer, and we take very seriously, how to choose a color scheme, and drawing the visual images.
  • Functionality: the design is very closely associated with the functionality of, the contents of the package must be protected from moisture and dust, what we always remember and take into account in the forthcoming original layouts.
  • firmwide style: uniform in style content cigarette design reminds all products of the same brand, tying them together.

The main stages of development of a unique design

  1. Analysis of packaging of existing brands in the market: identification of strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Sample Preparation and analysis of a data analysis process.
  3. Determination of the optimal parameters of the future package, including: the size, weight, size color support, picture.
  4. Identify the most comfortable volume (the number of cigarettes per pack, the possibility of promotions, comfort accommodation).
  5. Improvement of existing solutions on the market, creating the future packaging concepts.
  6. Identification of possible packaging advantages: swot – analysis, buyer's evaluation, independent evaluation.
  7. Analysis of all existing on the future of design data, inclusion in the circle of the issues market specification of the organization, consideration of the features of the development strategy and advertising campaign.
  8. prototyping, 3D modeling.

Usually, We provide our clients with several options waiting for the final decision, so that he can choose the most suitable design concept.

design, which operates and markets - our challenge

When designing labels for cigarette packs, we create a truly unique product design, which has the following indisputable advantages:

  • your product will stand out from all the competition;
  • The original design is based on the values ​​transmitted through the product;
  • high-quality design label carries all the necessary information to the customer in a clear and understandable form;
  • depend on the design convey emotions.

The design of cigarette packs - it is also important and responsible action, as well as the construction of the development strategy of most of the tobacco companies. We know your customer and are ready to offer assistance in establishing an effective tool for attracting new customers and expanding the audience. To ask questions and learn more about our services, call or leave a request on our website. We are sure - together we can make your business successful!

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