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packaging design yoghurt

Every year, yoghurt consumption increased by 15 – 20%, so the market of dairy products can be called a sufficiently capacious. Therefore, The new brand will not take a lot of buyers from major manufacturers, not looking to fight for every customer in all price segments. And in order to attract maximum attention, important well-designed packaging.

Currently, there are many varieties of packaging for yogurt, the most common of which are: plain packaging, made of food-grade polymer, Tetra Pak, sealable bags DOYPACK, glass jars for yogurt. The choice of packaging is very important to create the right design concept, which is based on the product, consumer and packaging.

You do not know, on what to choose? Refer to the studio "Insight"! professional design team will develop from scratch yogurt packaging design of any complexity: from a simple jar, two-section to attractive dessert products with dry and liquid contents.

price: from 20 000p. time: from 5 days

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packaging for yogurt


How is the decision to buy?

According to relevant statistics,, more 85 % buyers put in a basket of goods, with bright attractive design, neglected by the rest. If the contents of the package design clients come to taste the supermarket, then the probability of re-purchase up to 60 %, what, in fact, It affects the size of the audience and the company's revenue in the general. Regarding yogurts and other fermented milk products, great influence on the buyer's choice here has branded component: without any doubt, that each brand has its own audience, I consider him the best products in its segment.

However, among those available, and less well-known brands of local production is crucial yogurt design, which is expressed in the design of both the container, and labels. If the product has sufficient taste properties and attractive packaging ardent, it will sooner or later, It begins to squeeze off the shelves even big brands, though it will take time and work on tight range, quality and design.

design, built on a dialogue with the consumer

The main goal of the design development for the packaging of yogurt - a customer loyalty. Deducing the ideal shape and design solution for a particular type of product, we always look at the root, studying the customer to find the right information:

  1. When designing yogurt and other fermented dairy products in glass containers, we expect, that the primary audience would be children's food, dietetic food or premium segment.
  2. When designing for children's yogurt, worth considering, that the concept of an ideal design should start from a healthy diet and a bright cheerful colors.
  3. For the young and busy consumers the perfect become the yogurt for a quick breakfast and snacks, so the package should be comfortable and desirable, have built-in spoon, and label design should choose a bright and attractive, calling for the rapid and healthy eating.

Buyer - the alpha and omega of business

Even if you sold the product will be perfect in all, it is useless, while it will not buy. The same can be said about the package: domestic content in relation to the second buyer, and the design is able to motivate to buy. When designing yogurt packs, We:

  • first define the buyer;
  • We are looking for the best in competing brands;
  • formulate emotional suggestion in plastic, foil and paper.

Each face and the relief on the packaging, which is expected to develop, not random. Understanding the customer's needs and work with the best models allow you to create a bright, interesting and attractive packaging for yogurt, seeing that on the shelf in the store will want to take it. We always sensibly appreciate your suggestions, determined with the objectives and in line with this, we offer the best design for a particular product.