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Development of Augmented Reality AR

Advertising agency "Insight" is engaged 3d animation and programming in the system of AR and will help to raise your business to a new level. Create unique applications for customers, visualize your product in reality - a presentation of your customers and partners have not yet seen!

Using the latest technology in programming - a reasoned statement of the high status of the company and the limitless opportunities for advertising and promotion. This confirms the fact that the use of WITH global corporations Apple, Google, Microsoft and other giants.

How does augmented reality

Augmented reality - this is the trend of our time and of the near future. Nobody will be surprised by immersion in a virtual world with fictional characters and scenarios. But AR - a completely different technology, which opens up limitless opportunities for business and science. It involves working with reality, It does not change the reality around, but complements it, superimposing virtual elements into zones, incorporated into the program.

the possibility of using 3d modeling it's hard to imagine:

  • in educational activities and science will allow augmented reality experiences demonstrate, behaviors, reaction, recreating historical events, read books with 2d and 3d character;
  • AR technology is indispensable in health care. This is an opportunity to study in detail the human skeleton, to conduct a virtual dissection or surgery, consider each organ and human muscle. As augmented reality can help people with disabilities: Today the technology exists, creating sketches interlocutor facial contours for the visually impaired;
  • technology relevant for the promotion of any kind of services. it is used, eg, Real Estate, to simplify the interaction with the customers and give opportunity to see housing options.

In clothing stores sometime do not need dressing, since all models will be to try using the AR! In the showroom customers will be as you wish to change the color and design of car. A building materials show, on the walls in your house will look wallpaper or paint. Entertainment - private sector AR. This game, Looking, virtual visits - all, you could wish for.

use of technology, success is guaranteed. In addition to the convenience and efficiency, Augmented reality allows to increase attention to the brand, since the technology is new and people have a keen interest.

How we are working

The agency "Insight" will develop for your company a full art concept for augmented reality:

  • voluminous characters;
  • 3d mark, when you move the start that animation;
  • plot, music and design locations.

The result is a finished product for the advertising campaign, presentations, interaction with customers, corresponding to the latest trends in technology.

We offer a convenient form of cooperation:

  • you talk about the company and product, potential consumers;
  • we are developing options for augmented reality;
  • after agreeing the details count estimate and begin to work;
  • experienced designers, marketers and programmers work on your project, to get the desired result.

Our advantages

If you want to conduct an effective campaign, contact the agency "Insight". Never mind, do you have a vision of the end result, or just general suggestions - we will do everything in the best possible way. guarantee:

  • use current marketing tools;
  • minimum of questions - a maximum of actions;
  • operational work and strict adherence to deadlines;
  • reasonable cost of services, which will be repaid, thanks to a successful advertising.

Call or leave a request on our site - managers of "Insight" will answer all your questions and help you choose the appropriate promotional products!

The cost of developing the layout design, concept, sketch in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Creating a project in St. Petersburg.

price: from 15 000p. time: from 5 days


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