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Design of corporate identity

Design of corporate identity

Price and terms: from 20000 g., from 5 days.

Style - a reflection of personality, part of the image. Hear "stylish" - mean "beautiful", "Brightly", "right".

Style is not only in clothes, design or music. Currently, its unique corporate identity have any self-respecting company. He traced around, with regard to the firm and makes it special, unique, attractive to buyers and successful.

Advertising agency INSIGHT will develop a corporate identity, suitable for your company - and make it really high quality and professionally. After all, we know all the details of the case and with the soul of creating a corporate identity. St. Petersburg Development – it is always high quality and professionally.

Design of corporate identity

Corporate identity - includes:

  • certain colors, used by the company,
  • symbolism,
  • special fonts,
  • logo,
  • company logo,
  • a special mark of the name of the company
  • and so on.

All of this combined, suited to each other, It emphasizes the benefit one or another company, distinguishes it from other, making visible and attractive.

In the future, designed for your corporate identity will be considered in the design of offices, signage, when creating advertising, in the production of booklets, branded bags, calendars, mugs, Lunch, T-shirts, etc.. Therefore it is important to approach the design of its carefully!

Corporate identity should be:

  • interesting, unusual, attractive to consumers, causing positive emotions,
  • easy to remember, associative, recognizable,
  • unique, different from other, emphasizes the benefit your company,
  • one - all the elements of corporate identity, selected colors and graphic items must be in harmony with each other, combined, and not contradict each other,
  • transfer of the company's philosophy, its idea and purpose.

Subject to all these rules would contribute to a corporate style favorable image of the company, attract new customers and thus "work" to the firm, making it a success.

Creating a corporate identity

Development of corporate style of the company is carried out in several stages:

  • анализ деятельности компании, its history, its features, market position, target audience study, competitors. From this will depend on colors, fonts, все детали фирменного стиля;
  • формирование единой стилистики, в соответствии с полученными данными, первые наброски, согласование с заказчиком;
  • окончательный выбор определенного направления, детальная проработка всех элементов фирменного стиля;
  • разработка брендбука – основных норм и правил по дальнейшему использованию и применению.

Design of corporate identity – price:

Цена на разработку фирменного стиля зависит от количества элементов, которые будут разработаны дизайнерами. Вы можете заказать создание логотипа и фирменного стиля, fonts, цветовых сочетаний, brand name, as well as business card design, Signs for the company, business documents, aways, booklets, etc..

Our specialists will realize any ideas, take into account all the client's wishes, offer their own versions. Important for us – individual approach. For any work on the development of corporate identity - unique, It has a history, It begins with some general pans, but eventually, gets completed features. And qualitatively designed corporate identity is becoming an integral part of the company, its image and the way, with whom she will succeed.

Development of corporate identity for the comic shop Pro Comics:

Development of corporate identity for the comic shop Pro Comics

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