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Landing Development for sale Unique home

unique house

Landing Development for sale Unique home

Create site, Landing Page, on the technical task:

For sale a unique plot with a house, with similar characteristics unique in the market.
"Bachelor's Nest", which is easily converted into a "family estate".
25 minutes from the center of the WHSD
Gas – boiler 60 kDa
Pure tap water.
Electricity – 15 kDa + 10 kVA in the process of registration (80 SNSC)
River bank
No utility payments, only for electricity, gas and Internet.
All construction projects have, calculations and drawings.
The highest quality of construction. (It was not built for sale)
Fully ready for year-round use.
price 60 mln.
2. House. With total area 89,4 sq.m..
– kitchen / living room with fireplace / stove TULIKIVI.
– Bathroom with a wood-burning sauna. (HARVIA) It has access to the private area on the outside, where installed wooden Hot water heating system.
– Bedroom furniture of rosewood.
– Mezzanine with the possibility of placing additional beds and a spacious loft.
– Cellar with natural constant temperature throughout the year +16 degrees, seats 2500 bottles of wine.
– Heating the house comes from a boiler (of gas) and it can be switched completely on electricity (In the second house, backup electric boiler)
– Quality system of protection against lightning.
– Antenna terrestrial TV.
– A place, with painted communications for air conditioning. (As long as the needs arose.
3. Video surveillance system 360 degrees around the house with a video server and broadcast to mobile applications via the Internet of all cameras. It has backed, uninterrupted power supply.
4. expressway Internet (optics) with backup power.
5. Burglar alarm with a post near the house.
6. A separate boiler house 2 houses with a water treatment system.
– The boiler mounted gas boiler, which is now heats a small house but is designed for both houses. (BUDERUS – 60 kDa) In the basement boiler tank is mounted on the generator 500 liters with a device showing the fuel level brought up.
– Input switchboard with automatic protection against phase unbalance and automatic generator control (DENYO – 12 kDa) (The generator is turned on immediately after power failure and off, when the power supply is restored, switching consumers takes place automatically) Achieved quality grounding. All electrical equipment ABB.
– The boiler house building is a monolithic structure with the entire exit group and a fence.
– The boiler is a high power water treatment system designed for the consumption of 2 houses, which lowers the level of iron. (If the test results before and after the system) Water can be drunk
– all communications are conducted from the boiler room to the not yet built a large house. All the tracks are laid at a depth of 1,5 meters of pipes UPONOR.
7. The completed part of the site is separated from the site of the future construction of garden Pergale in a single design concept. Thought out placement of the construction of the town, and a separate entrance for builders, So, to your and their "way" is not intersect.
8. Garden area with cupboards for garden tools and a place for automation automatic watering system. (summer water – GARDENA)
9. Summer kitchen with the best ceramic krill Big Green Egg L is part of a 3-meter high retaining wall with a 2-meter kontroforsami, reliably protects the entire soil slope from any bias.
10. a sitting area with a campfire site and a stone wall built on a monolithic concrete slab. Around the metal hearth, an outer circle which is protected from heat.
11. drainage system.
Developed half portion has a depth drainage system to 2 meters with inspection wells.
12. Autonomous sewerage maintenance-free – Idiots
13. Embankment of gabions to create flat areas in a single concept of landscape design, as well as being to strengthen the shores of the river at flood. Now, When both sides of the fence portion appeared neighbors along the shore can be removed.
14. 'Shaolin' – gazebo modern Japanese architecture for meditation. Within the framework of a single design concept was planted with willows (that grow well in water) to create a more private atmosphere.
15. Landscape design.
On the plot planted more 3000 plants, It is intended to seat over the entire surface area as their proliferation, after building a big house.
Landscape lighting and night lights are turned on automatically depending on the light.
16. Greenhouse installed on a foundation with concrete piles on 1,5 m. electricity. Inside the old plumbing and preparation for installation of automatic irrigation.
17. Children's Corner.
Located in a corner of the greenhouse, and a member of the children's house and sandbox.
18. Made predproektrye study and landing on an area of ​​a large house, in modern architecture, with panoramic windows and patio. (284 sq.m.) There is an excellent architect and construction company for its construction, including all the necessary specialists..
19. All furniture, Appliances, objects of decoration and interior, starter kit wine 250 bottles, luxury garden tools, gardening equipment, snowblower, are the new owner.
20. Fully all the necessary contacts for Engineering and Maintenance, the whole building, design and technical documentation.

The cost of the layout design, concept, sketch in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Creating a project in St. Petersburg.

price: from 30 000p. time: from 7 days


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