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Making presentations: design development, that works for you!

Without presentation at the proper level is difficult to imagine a company. These thought-out and well-developed to detail the documents perform several functions. They sell, favorably distinguish the proposal from the competition, make clear, why your services are noteworthy. If you have not yet had time to assess the full potential, or old materials have been ineffective, contact the agency "Insight"! We actually prove, that presentation can be a powerful marketing tool! We will create a marketing design, the protagonist of which will be your company, its products and services.

Making Powerpoint presentations: How we are working

Making presentations performed in professional graphics programs. To do this, we will analyze your proposal, We examine the target audience and pick up a set of really working methods of transmitting information about the company and the services offered. On the creation of presentations by professionals, therefore developed design has always right on target. It will be memorable and at the same time concise, not overloaded with unnecessary graphics, so that no detail is left out from potential customers. Approved the result is stored in PDF Acrobat format.

For those of you in the "Insight" agency has a team of talented designers, who think creatively and be able to present in a favorable light, any proposal. That is why we are trusted by leading brands and the best company. We have all the necessary resources and capabilities to create a higher level of presentation.

Rules design presentation

Before you create design slides presentations, we carry out the following activities:

  1. Getting acquainted with the peculiarities of professional activity of the company.
  2. Determine the strengths of its activities, products or services provided.
  3. Determine the target audience.

Design of the presentation is the transmission of image and personality traits company. At its creation, our specialists adhere to the following rules:

  1. Appearance and presentation of the design should be carried out in the same style.
  2. When you create does not use more than 3 fonts types and 3 colors.
  3. The main focus is on the content of the presentation.
  4. For a better perception of the information we use a numbered or bulleted lists, as well as the background in the branded colors.
  5. Used in the presentation of the sound effects should not detract from its contents.
  6. Each image in the presentation carries the correct meaning.
  7. To attract the attention of your target audience, we use animation effects.
  8. Presentation necessarily end the final slide.

Price for the creation of the ideal presentation design

The cost of the design presentation depends on the complexity of the project, the volume and the use of additional elements. Pricing, call or leave a request on the website. Менеджеры проконсультируют вас по возникшим вопросам и помогут оформить заказ. Find out the cost of project development in St. Petersburg.

contact, and after agreeing the nuances we will begin work on a perfect presentation design, which will be a decisive step towards the successful development of your company!

Services of the design of presentations:

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