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font-based development legendary Karelia logo

A good logo - a trademark brand, reflecting its advantages and unique features. In developing important to consider the specifics of the goods or services, interests of the target audience and current trends in design. In this case involved the graphics and text should harmoniously complement each other and continue to. Of course, perfect, If you use the font used to print any materials - letterhead, of leaflets, banners, etc.. And if you already have a logo, but there is no font, advertising agency "Insight" will come to the rescue!

font-based development legendary Karelia logo

We are engaged in the development of the font on the basis of the logo or create a new, unique, which will be the hallmark of your company. Regardless of the task, we are guided by the following principles: it should be easily understood, be unique and memorable customers.

Individual font - a detail, which tells about the status of the brand and careful attention to the client. We will develop a complete set of characters based on your logo or create a font from scratch, which will differ from competitors, fit design trends, adapted to Cyrillic. So you can use it not only for the logo, but also to further promote the brand.

Why do you need a font for the logo

font for the logo - it is an important part of individual brand concept, it detuning from competitors. Today it is difficult to stand out against the background of similar goods and services, need to interest a potential customer and prove the uniqueness of offers. In the presence of the same quality products the company wins, which intelligently uses all the tools of marketing and correctly positions itself in the market. One of these is the logo and the font used. And if all the promotional and branding materials will be made in the same style, This will solve a number of important tasks:

  • increase customer loyalty and brand awareness;
  • increase the level of trust to the company;
  • detuning from competitors.

font-based development legendary Karelia logo

Quality and attention to detail - the key to a perfect result

Developing a logo print on the basis of, or from scratch, Agency experts "Insight" Attention to every detail and are working on all the important points:

  • kerning - setting interalphabetic spaces. Increase or decrease the distance between the font letters, the text vyglyael harmony and evokes a feeling of imbalance;
  • Leading - work through the space between lines depending on the overall design of the logo;
  • hinting - Adjust font tracking displays. It is necessary to preserve the font definition is increased or poor image quality. For this purpose, hints - a pair of horizontal and vertical guides, that capture all the strokes of the font.

How we are working

Advertising agency "Insight" offers cooperation in several stages:

  • you turn to us for the development of the font based on the logo or zero, leaving the application online or by phone;
  • after consulting the working moments, our designers are taken for the development of;
  • We offer options to the customer for approval;
  • We are making adjustments;
  • you get a unique font for the logo.

Depending on your wishes, designers will develop the font of any complexity:

  • serif or sans-serif;
  • square;
  • handwritten;
  • monospaced.

font-based development legendary Karelia logo

Our advantages

Advertising agency "Insight" guarantees customers a number of advantages:

  • a combination of creative and business-like approach to each project. We understand, the font for the logo should work, and not just to be different from others;
  • strict adherence to deadlines - we do not let down and always finish the work before the deadline;
  • We provide a range of advertising services;
  • establish adequate prices.

Our experts know, what should be the effective advertising, and how important corporate identity. Contact - we will help you to implement any ideas!



Development of Russian, English and Estonian signs and symbols (Cyrillic, Latin).


Working with kerning (interalphabetic space), interlinʹâžem (the space between lines), hinting (display font setting).

Legendary Karelia

font-based development Legendaarne Karjala logo

The cost of developing the layout design, concept, sketch in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Creating a project in St. Petersburg.

price: 500p. symbol time: 1 time

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