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How much does it cost to develop a label design

One of the key components of a successful brand - packaging design. She assumes the role of a channel of communication between the producer and the target audience, and acts as an essential marketing tool.

The attractive design of the label / packaging promotes random and planned purchases. Today a leading position in terms of products / services sales belong to those companies, who have developed a strategy to create a package.

Purpose labels / packaging, role in the branding of the company

Properly label design / packaging takes over the function of an effective advertising tool, able to effectively assist in the, that:

  • profitable stand out among competing brands;
  • to attract the attention of the target audience;
  • promote a positive image among potential buyers.

The results of numerous studies confirm: the vast majority of consumers prefer headings, whose label and packaging of different aesthetics and quality designer décor.

It is impossible to overestimate the force of impact on the target audience the visual component of the proposed product. After all, nothing else, as packaging, It creates the first, the most important impression at the moment, when the product of the potential consumer is still not known.

In this way, Development of packaging design and labeling in accordance with corporate style, a direct impact on increasing brand awareness, growth in sales, in the same time, without additional advertising costs.

How does the design on sales promotion and recognition?

Label - not just the main part of the package, but a kind of calling card brand, performs the function of a significant sales controller. By matching the tastes of packaging design and target audience preferences, directly depends on the fate of the product, whether the one-time fee to buy it, or on a permanent basis.

Label, design which present expressive details, It identifies the product among countless competitors, and then, It is making the brand more recognizable.

In this way, a prerequisite for, to achieve a sustainable and high rate of sales, It is a competent development of design labels and packaging.

Packaging design for chips farmhand

Packaging design for chips Ratatouille

Packaging design for pita Ratata

Packaging design for pita failure

How to create the best design of labels and packages? Recommendations for the development of marketing design

Before designer, tasked to design the label or packaging is much more ambitious goal, than just to create a "beautiful picture". In fact, provided a competent development of these marketing tools manage to convey the essence of the product, its key features, and even the philosophy of the brand.

When you create labels, ability to perform effective marketing tool, must take into account and apply the following rules of design labels:

  1. harmonious composition

Label product contains a number of mandatory elements: brand name, logo, manufacturer's address, barcode, expiration date, etc.. designer's task - to arrange them so, that they are in perfect harmony.

  1. Free space

To date, the design trend, in which "a lot of air" and space. therefore, should not seek to dense filling space allocated for the label a variety of data. proven fact: an overabundance of information irritate potential buyers.

  1. Compliance with the "subordination"

Being in front of a shelf with a certain commodity positions, people do not have plenty of spare time, to scrutinize the label of each item "from cover to cover". Their goal - as quickly as possible "to grab" the most important thing, and then decide to buy.

In view of the foregoing,, the development of the label design, It is very important to have the information in a particular order, ranging from the most basic. A good example of a user-friendly version of posting information looks like this:

  • "Catchy" element;
  • TM;
  • the name of the product of;
  • information on key features and characteristics of the product.
  1. Creative design

The most important condition for, the packaging is perfectly fulfill the role of a marketing tool, it is unusual, bright, stands out from competitive products, registration. This may relate to its form, colors, or decorative elements.

Customers often come to the store for love and to have become a familiar, the goods from a specific manufacturer, but the original packaging "adjacent" product able to attract his attention and cause a desire to consider it.

How to make a label design? The process steps

  1. The first and most important step - scrupulous market research: potential target audience, company, competitors, etc.. The results of the analysis of all the information received and will be the basis for all subsequent steps.
  2. The second stage - the creation of the design concept and selection for references (examples of works, suitable for extended criteria). After review and approval for references, developed illustrative diagram. It will become a guiding map for further work.
  3. On the basis of the main ideas, exemplary schemes and obtained as a result of these studies, developed three variants of the front of the package layout, and the same number of unique selling points.
  4. Create two concepts of design of packaging turnover.
  5. Next, the customer is shown a presentation created layouts, after which it selects according to one embodiment of the design front and back, as well as one unique selling proposition (UTP). Making edits in the final version.
  6. After that, as the design of the package is ready, comes the stage of writing texts underpinning, the development and application of infographics.
  7. Technical training mock-up to delivery to the printer.
  8. Selection of the optimal printing technology.

What is the cost to develop packaging design? That affects its value?

At this, how much is the development of design labels or packaging of a number of factors can influence directly:

  • Is there a need to create a USP, and in the development of brand positioning? If companies do not have their, the final price will be higher.
  • label size: smaller it is - the cheaper.
  • The need for infographics, writing texts underpinning, illustrations. The development of each of these components is charged separately.
  • Type of material, and choose to create products printing technology.

The cost of design labels and packaging, certainly, It depends on the scale set for the purposes of a marketing brand. As it is influenced by the number of competitive companies, present in this market segment. Respectively, their number is greater than, the harder it is to come up with something new.

Professional development of design labels / packing

Due to the high demand for the development of labels / packaging design, many advertising agencies and studios have included it in the list of services. In order to meet customer needs, the design team is working fully, to create the best packaging design. certainly, an integrated approach to development strategies, including a detailed market research, the company and its competitors, as well as the drafting of texts underpinning, development of unique illustrations and infographics accommodation and provide an answer to the question: "How much is the design of labels?"Such an integrated approach requires that, to engage in the process of a significant number of different resources, that fully justify the considerable cost of this service.

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It will not be an exaggeration to say, that a well-designed label design and packaging is a clear competitive advantage. Truly the best design must embody the brand's philosophy, to give an idea of ​​its pricing policy, performing spectacular calling card and cause positive emotions.

"By reading" the information from the package, consumer imbued with confidence to a particular brand, that will serve as a foundation for long-term relationships.

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