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Creating a brand characters

Today, stand out from the competition is very difficult. Even high-quality goods can be unclaimed, if the wrong position it in the market. Direct sales long lost relevance, It is only a personal brand. AND the creation of brand-characters - memorable and unique, It is becoming one of the most effective methods of promotion.

We noticed in advertising world concerns of cartoon characters, who loves children and adults? It branded the characters - the personification of the product. It is they - the main actors in advertising campaigns, which are designed to increase customer loyalty and brand awareness.

The specialists of "Insight" engaged developing brand-controversial characters and for you to create a unique character, which will interest a potential customer and lead him to buy.

Creating a brand characters

brand character

Why do I need a brand character?

Buyers must be resistant Association of the company and brand character. So unable to establish communication with the audience. To bring potential customers to purchase, marketers carefully think through not only the appearance, but the behavior, gestures, it fictional character. This is a complex process, but high-quality brand-characters become the flagship of the company for the whole period of its existence!

Creating a brand characters It allows:

  • improve customer loyalty;
  • locate a target audience to buy;
  • stand out among competitors.

How do we create a character

Creating a brand character several stages:

  1. Analysis of the target audience. This stage determines the continued success of the advertising campaign. If the target audience is identified wrongly, and the advertising campaign will be a failure. We "draw a portrait of" consumer: motives of purchase, personal qualities, budget, lessons, standard of living. Brand character must comply with the company's concept of positioning and organically fit into the unique selling proposition.
  2. Define color combinations, uses of character: commercials, registration of sales area and other.
  3. Appearance. Who will be the brand character: cute cartoon, caring mother or brutal hero? It depends on the company's vision and target audience. The result is a schematic image.
  4. We think through gestures, mimicry, of movement, proportions. it's desirable, but not necessarily, so that the character looked harmoniously and proportionally (here all also depends on the target audience). Pick up the body parameters and view the various postures in 3D-model. Already at this point it can be seen in nature and expression of emotions hero!
  5. When a character is ready to frame, made the final drawing. Designer working on small details, that will be the hallmark of the character and give it personality. With their help Hero remember, his image will be associated with the product. It is desirable to supplement the subject, associated with the advertised product or service.

Why you should apply it to us

Development flamboyant brand character in the company "Insight" is engaged in a professional team: designers, marketers, artists. We provide a full cycle of creation and promotion of an advertising product, and therefore, responsible for the result.

Turning to us, you are completely solve the problem with advertising goods. "Insight" works on the result of your company. We strictly adhere to the terms and set adequate prices. call, we know, how to attract attention to the product and increase sales!

Development flamboyant brand character

Development flamboyant brand characterDevelopment flamboyant brand character Creating a flamboyant character brand

Developing character - a robot rail

Developing character - railway robot

The cost of developing the layout design, concept, sketch in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Creating a project in St. Petersburg.

price: from 10 000p. time: from 5 days

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