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Creating a promotional video

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With the spread of digital technology more and more advertising goes from traditional markets in the field of Internet advertising. Changes and marketing strategies: if earlier for effective marketing was enough use of text information, now increasingly used animation and video. Video is much more attractive than text and perceived audience is more willing, and if you want to talk about something complicated simple words, it is better to do it in video format.

Advertising Promo clip - a kind of advertising and information film, Presenter product or service and motivating potential customers to purchase commission.

Do you want an original present your product or service? Interested consumers and create a positive image? Contact - we offer our clients services in the development of a commercial, which will become effective modern marketing tool and help to make your products recognizable and marketable!

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Purpose promo video

Promo requires, if a:

  • It needs to increase product awareness and brand selection;
  • increase direct and indirect sales;
  • interest or to attract the target audience;
  • create a positive image of the company.

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The steps of creating a movie

Creation of a commercial place in several stages:

Preliminary work - coordination of ideas and preliminary scenarios with the customer, financial issues.

Creating a storyboard - prescribes the content and design of each frame.

Preparing to Record - the choice of actors, location selection, the creation of scenery.

Predsemochnoe approval - the final script, estimates and a detailed plan approved by the customer surveys.

Surveying - held shooting with actors (if necessary) and (or) installation of video effects (the creation of a fictional character, Working with animations).

Processing footage - is carried out the installation of the final video on a computer, superimposed effects, Create a text component and a superimposed animation. Creating a promotional video is completed only after detailed processing and smoothing all the transcoding frame in the required format.

Video clip for the brand Gold Taste

The importance of design video

We are sure, that a low-quality video, like a bad movie, quickly forgotten after watching and rarely inspected until the very end. To please the audience, promotional video should not only have an interesting story, but also attractive design. That's why our team is working on the design of a promotional video until, while the result will not be brought to perfection. The presentation video will be positive, bright, intrigue and talk about the product with the help of visual images.

Professional Team - constant component of success

The main purpose of the promotional video is to increase brand awareness and to attract potential buyers. The professional team of designers, Engineers working with computer graphics and marketing experts will help you in creating a video, предложив наиболее эффективные решения. Find out the cost of project development in St. Petersburg.

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Basic rules for creating promotional video

We can distinguish the following basic rules for creating promotional video:

  • High relevance of video - to create a promotional video using current information and persistent trends;
  • always bright design and detailed drawing - creating video, We always pay special attention to the design and drawing;
  • 100 % the uniqueness of each frame - the final video does not contain elements of plagiarism;
  • high quality and the ability to change the format - the original video is available in high quality, to adapt it for different devices may require a change of format, it is very easy to do, even online;
  • the use of branding and brand companies.

Advertising agency "Insight" offers a professional manufacturer of TV commercials for a product or service presentation. For more than 10 years, our company working in the field of marketing and design and develop customer-oriented solutions in the design for businesses and individuals at affordable prices. We will be happy to help your business rise to a new stage of development!

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